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Heat stroke and children: how to act

Heat stroke and children: how to act

Heat stroke and children: how to act

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable groups to suffer a heat stroke, for example, inside a vehicle since, in just ten minutes, at an outdoor temperature of 25 degrees a child can suffer a heatstroke, according to the report of the Mapfre Foundation and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP).

The main symptoms of heat stroke are “fever or increased body temperature above 40 degrees, weakness, dizziness, vomiting, severe headache and tachycardia; in addition, the skin is dry and very hot“, has underlined the pediatrician and secretary of the Committee for the Prevention of Childhood Injuries of the AEP, María Jesús Esparza.

A sunny day with a moderate temperature of just over 20 degrees outside can increase the temperature of cars up to exceed 40 degrees inside.

However, “parents tend to think that this type of misfortune happens to others, but the truth is that children are left alone more often than is thought”, points out the director of Prevention and Road Safety of Mapfre, Jesus Monclús.

“Lowering the windows a little hardly reduces the temperature inside, where you can easily get the 50 or 60 degrees, and that certain interior elements of vehicles can reach temperatures above 80 degrees, enough to cause contact burns “, he adds.

How to prevent and act in the event of heat stroke

According to the Professional Association of Fire Technicians (APTB), heatstrokes kill many people every year and the first thing to do is notify the emergency services.

In the same way, they recommend trying to open the car, but always doing it safely, for example breaking a window glass that is as far away as possible from the minor.

Regarding prevention, it is key that “we do not leave the children alone in the car, not even for a minute”, warns Jesús Monclús, who advises that “after parking the vehicle should be closed well so that the little ones do not enter through your account”.

In the event of heat stroke, “if the minor is conscious, the child must be laid on his back in a cool place, loosen his clothes, put cold compresses on him and offer him water; then transfer him to a health center”, the pediatrician stressed.

In addition, he has assured that “most of the victims by hyperthermia have less than five years, which is mainly due to the fact that their body temperature increases much faster than in an adult and their respiratory system also makes them more vulnerable to heat. ”

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