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Héctor Herrera reveals the secret of his growth at Atlético de Madrid

Héctor Herrera has failed to establish himself as a starter in Simeone’s scheme.

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Hector Herrera, midfielder of Atlético de Madrid, confessed this Tuesday that the Argentine Diego “Cholo” Simeone, coach of the Spanish soccer champions, has made him grow defensively.

“Regardless of not playing so much at Atleti, I have learned things in tactical and defensive matters. We know how demanding you are when it comes to defending and being rigorous in your team work. He is an intelligent coach, who has a well-defined way of playing and how a player is easier to adapt“He responded to Efe in a press conference organized by the LaLiga Mexican office.

Héctor Herrera at Atlético de Madrid

The two-time World Cup with Mexico signed for the rojiblancos in 2019 from Porto, and in his third season it has yet to establish itself as the incumbent in the Simeone scheme.

I’m happy at Atlético. You always want to play and be important in the team. I feel that I always train one hundred percent, I give my all; but maybe that is not enough for me. I always work for when the ‘Cholo’ needs meHerrera said.

The Mexican acknowledged that he is in a stage of “making decisions” since he disputes the last season of his contract with the Madrid club.

“I feel good, I hope to play many more years and I don’t think much about the future, but about the present. I am happy at Atlético de Madrid. My family is happy and calm in the city, that’s the main thing. It is true that it is the end of the contract, decisions will have to be made and I will see what is the best“, He expressed.

Comparison between LaLiga and Liga MX

The 31-year-old player described Spanish LaLiga as the best in the world and admitted that the Mexican is very far from equaling the level of the first division of Iberian football.

“For me, LaLiga is the best in the world, because it’s the one I like. It is normal that LaLiga is well above the Mexican. I have not played there for a long time, I know it has grown a lot, but we are still below. I hope that in some future it improves and Let’s be a world power both in national team and in the LeagueHe mentioned.

The former Pachuca midfielder explained that for more Mexicans to emigrate to the European Leagues it is necessary for managers to lower your selling prices.

“I think we could have a lot of players at European level. Now there is a brood of young players who do things well. Many times I have spoken of prices that are handled in MexicoThey take it the wrong way, but they must think about the future of Mexican soccer and the national team; because, in the end, if there are more Mexicans in Europe, they all grow ”, he declared.

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