Friday, December 3

HelloFresh Market: the company launches a new online fruit, vegetable and pantry sales service

The HelloFresh food kit company launched this Wednesday HelloFresh Market, an online store where they will offer customers a variety of food options such as fresh and basic products, to ready-to-heat ready-to-heat complements and desserts, which can be used to accompany your main dish.

All of these products will be available to all customers in the US in the coming months.

HelloFresh Market is part of HelloFresh’s medium-term growth strategy to expand its food offerings. And, until now, HelloFrresh has focused more on offering dinner plate kits, the company is now expanding its services to offer meals to be eaten earlier in the day.

“With the launch of HelloFresh Market, we are pleased to offer customers an expanded selection of delicious food and grocery solutions that will suit their needs beyond dinner time, especially at a time when Americans are embracing grocery services online more than ever, ”said Uwe Voss, CEO of HelloFresh US.

“Building an exceptional experience with a meal kit over the past 10 years has been key to establishing strong market leadership. Through our state-of-the-art supply chain and technology infrastructure, we will provide a complete superior delivery service for all meal occasions and we will capture more of our customers’ overall food budget, ”added Voss.

The arrival of the HelloFresh Market service arrives in the United States after having been successfully launched in the Benelux region (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), where customers can now choose from more than 150 additional items to complement their weekly meal kit recipes.

In this region, HelloFresh found that the more add-on options they had, the more purchases customers made, which is why the company will seek to replicate this result in the United States.

HelloFresh is significantly expanding its product range. in all categories to provide customers with a variety of items designed to enhance their shopping and cooking experience.

To offer more good quality add-ons, HelloFresh Market has a partnership with vendors such as Epicurean Butter, Pillsbury, Intelligentsia Coffee, Annie’s, Vive Wellness Shots, and more, all for greater variety.

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