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Henry Cavill still remembers the spectacular accident that almost ended his career

Henry Cavill plays the famous monster hunter in the series ‘The Witcher’.

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Henry Cavill He is one of the most recognized and influential names in the world of entertainment and it is no secret to anyone that the celebrity is usually involved in a myriad of film or television projects.

The British actor starred as monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in the series Netflix The Witcher In 2020, a television production that was very much liked by the faithful subscribers of the streaming service who managed to enjoy its first season and that fame caused it to be renewed for a second season, which will premiere next December 17.

There is no doubt that Henry Cavill managed to win the affection of his fans due to all the roles he has starred in just 10 years since he became known in Hollywood. The actor was able to put on the costume of one of the most beloved superheroes in DC Comics as it is Superman in the film Man of steel 2013 at the request of Zack Snyder, the mastermind of this movie.

Later, Henry Cavill was also able to make the jump to the Netflix catalog through his role as Sherlock Holmes in the film Enola Holmes and in the already mentioned The Witcher, where he was able to embody the acclaimed monster hunter who is also the protagonist of a series of books and video games under the same name.

Henry Cavill had inscribed his name in the movie industry and his legacy could still be talked about; However, the 38-year-old British actor was about to end his career due to a spectacular, indelible accident he suffered on the set of filming The Witcher in 2020. It may have been a year since the incident, but the truth is that Cavill still remembers it with great pain.

It should be remembered that the interpreter of Superman tore the hamstring in one of his legs when filming a scene in the series where he had to run at full speed in a forest. That injury became very serious, but only that unforeseen event could delay some scenes of the second season.

Lauren Hissrich, showrunner of The Witcher, told The Hollywood Reporter how sore Henry Cavill was after suffering the accident on the set: “I remember Henry stopping short and we were left wondering if he had tripped or if he had hit a stone. I went to his trailer and he said he was in a lot of painHe added.

For his part, Henry Cavill expressed the following: “It was a very very bad tear. And I was very lucky it wasn’t a complete hamstring detachment“. Also, Henry Cavill commented that having filmed scenes while injured made the challenge even greater. “The biggest difficulty was working while he was injured. I wanted to do more for the production. I know how important it was for them to finish things, “said the actor.

The actor was aware that he should not force himself and that his leg should recover calmly. If he did not do this, his career could have been complicated. “So I tried to find the balance between ‘Yeah, let’s push, push and shove’ and ‘Hey, wait a minute. If it rips any further, this is the end of my action career. ‘ It was my worst moment in the past year, on a professional level, ”explained Cavill, who longs to continue playing the famous hunter Geralt of Rivia for many seasons of the series.

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