Friday, August 12

Hercules asks for justice again

With reason it goes everywhere. With the Footters videos, no. Hercules is convinced of the innocence of Isaac Aketxe, whom the Balearic referee Ángel López del Amo admonished for “pretending to have been the object of a foul with the intention of deceiving me,” according to what he himself details in the match minutes. The blue and white entity maintains that it is right and that the referee of the clash against Águilas misjudged the play in which the Basque striker ended up on the ground after being, in the words of the footballer himself, “knocked down” by goalkeeper Leo Santos, to the one who has just dribbled on his way to the goal in a very clear heads up.

The Hercules, through its legal service, will draft the document that will be signed by the general director, Carlos Parodi, with which he will try to convince the Single Competition Judge, José Alberto Peláez, today that the regulations were misapplied and the battering ram from Bilbao He did not deserve the punishment that will deprive him of being on the synthetic grass of Mancha Real.

To do this, he will accompany his defense statement with the images of the meeting, which was broadcast live by the streaming platform that has the image rights of most of the Second RFEF clubs, including Alicante. That, far from benefiting, makes it very difficult for it to cause a correction of the record, since when it was recorded with a single camera shot and being the distant shot, there is no sequence that evidences the flagrant error of the referee.

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The legal service does not rule out going to Appeal because it is convinced that the referee was wrong


Despite the fact that the probabilities of the pardon taking place are low, Hercules does not want to let the situation go and demands justice from the Competition Committee, which did not work yesterday for a national holiday and tomorrow will not do so for the same reason, so do not A final judgment is expected until Thursday, two days before Sergio Mora’s team travels to Jaén.

Hercules is willing to go to the immediately superior instance, that is, to Appeal, with the hope that, at least, the sanction will be lifted from his top scorer in a precautionary way and he can, with this, participate in the clash in the Youth Stadium.

fine of 600 euros

The legal services of Hercules already encountered the vehemence of José Alberto Peláez after the second day of the League, when the Blue and Whites beat Intercity in Villafranqueza despite ending the match with three sent off: Raúl Ruiz, Tano and Pedro Sánchez. The following day, the defense statement was sent to Las Rozas, also accompanied by images of it, and not only was there no forgiveness, but the sports magistrate hinted, by his response, that Hercules was wasting his time. «As the alleged club knows well, article 27 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code establishes the principle of presumption of veracity” iuris tamtum “of the arbitration records, which may, consequently, be disproved when the existence of an error is proven material manifest in its content. In the present case, the images provided not only do not distort the referee’s assessment, but rather corroborate it, since it is observed in said test how the player (Pedro) Sánchez Moñino, in the dispute for a ball, hits with his arm left on the left side of the opponent’s neck. As a result, the action imputed to the aforementioned player cannot but be considered as real and true and, therefore, the reprimand sanction proceeds “, the Sole Judge was dispatched, who imposed, in addition to the sanction match, fines of 583, 575 and 600 euros to Tano, Raúl and Pedro, respectively. The club bears this expense as long as the punishment is not the result of bad practice by the footballers, that is, if it does not lose its head. They usually pay all, in block, to the season.

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