Thursday, May 26

Hercules CF: Summit to decide the price of tickets without Ramírez at the meeting

The dynamics of the game and results is not the only thing that has changed radically. Also the attitude of the Generalitat. The partial fall of the anticovid measures, which were in force in the Community during the state of alarm, has been valid for rrelax restrictions on public entry to stadiums. According to the new regulation, Health allows, in a field like Rico Pérez, with a capacity for 30,000 spectators, the presence of 4,000 fans who must be separated into four independent sectors, respecting a safety distance of 1.5 meters between seats, with exclusive toilets for each area.

Entering the field of play, as happened in the Llagostera visit, will be done only through four doors, the rest will remain closed. Each seat will be sold nominally and to get there you have to carry the ticket and carry your ID.


Those responsible for the management of the entity meet today at the stadium to determine the price of the tickets. Juan Carlos Ramírez will not attend the conclave, who remains firm in his idea of ​​leaving the blue and white executive at the end of this course. However, Enrique Ortiz’s still partner, both inside and outside the club, has not established the conditions for his departure. At the moment, as shown by gestures like the one today – absent from the meeting to decide the value of passes, something unthinkable three months ago–, has decided not to intervene in the ordinary management, but must agree with the property if it gets rid of the shares through sale or assignment. Ortiz and Ramírez must agree on how they close the accounts for fiscal year 20-21. Originally, the pact between the two was contribute capital equitably to the budget of the first team, A circumstance that, in the future, intends to invalidate the former director of Elche, who has already embarked on a judicial career to leave his place in the Franco-green entity that, at that time, was presided over by José Sepulcre and with whom he did not reach a friendly agreement to disassociate himself. .

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Hercules remains in second place by 2 hundredths

Hercules retains the second position of the 3-D group, the one that fights for one of the two places that give the right to play the Pro League next year, and does so with only two hundredths of advantage over Llagostera. The triumph of the Catalans over Atlético Levante (2-0) allows them to sign a coefficient of 1.46 for the 1.48 owned by the blue and white team. The coefficient that will determine the classification until all the clubs reach the 26 duels played, is the result of dividing the points obtained between the games played. Llagostera, which has one stake less than Hercules, reaches 35 points, one more than the Alicante team. In the morning, the leader Cornellà, did not fail against La Nucía (2-1). He has 39 points in 25 games (1.56) and only has one League game left.

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