Tuesday, August 9

Hercules CF: The decision … again

The Hercules of summer, like cherries, never make it to November. It is lost on the sidewalk. The ways it aims, to the minimum, become Manichean, imprecise, avoidable. Nothing evolves, everything, generally the bad, remains while the disconsolation of the fans rages at ease and the illusion germinated with the sun of the heatwave cools and becomes atomized.

If you add the persistent surname to the name of any disease, you will rarely find a medicine to cure it. The same happens to doubts. When Carmelo del Pozo’s second project was a wage puzzle to be adjusted to adhere to the salary cap set by the owner, it was suspected that there would be cracks, imbalances, inequalities. Enrique Ortiz said it in July: “We will make a Hercules according to the category we are in, one that competes.” In four of the first seven days he has done it, and very well; in the other three …

Two goalkeepers challenged by themselves. The simplification of those who try to explain the world so that they understand even jellyfish has a lapidary mantra applied to football: to make a good team, you need a powerful goalkeeper and forward. I do not know if it is true – I do not believe in individualism or in the toxicity it generates – but if we pay attention, in essence, to Sergio Mora’s team, one of the two positions fails him. Just take a look at the statistics to verify it. The “nine” has always been repeated, but the goalkeeper fluctuates because neither of them has done much to take over one of the positions with the fewest variations in any team throughout the season.

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Could it be sensed that it would be like this? Yes. Is it a can that the bad omen has come true? Yes Is the whole project to be turned into chips, the nth, because some part does not fit? No, but you have to solve it quickly.

And at this point there are three options: either the goalkeeper who leaves tomorrow, probably Jesús Fernández, is confident and shakes off his fears, or whoever supplants him the following week does it, or we accept that we have been wrong and rectify before we the bomb explodes and the shock wave annihilates us, because the hundred-year-old giants never fall languid like the autumn leaf litter, they do it with a crash, plumb. It is probable that the sum of the salaries of the Blue and White goalkeepers together will not reach what Falcón had, and, for now, you can understand why: if they do not punch the table, if they do not assert themselves, if they do not demonstrate, all to themselves, that the world is wrong about them, the noise of the Cumbre Vieja volcano will be a moan compared to the noise that a project that only lacks regularity and has plenty of suggestion will have to endure.

The system cannot have two faces. Choosing how to occupy the spaces on a soccer field is as important as selecting the men who carry it out. Hitting the right way to distribute 11 people on a surface to be covered so large is what differentiates football from all other sports that are not played on a similar pitch, that’s why the best doesn’t win, that’s why you can beat anyone, that’s why there can be glory in a zero to zero.

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Mora has to grow, learn as he goes, understand his team, anticipate him, know how to intuit his vices, and tackle them quickly. Having a plan is as worthy as hers, even if it looks less. You know the dress codes like no one else and, believe it or not, almost always, everything is what it seems. If in four of the last five games you have played, your center forward has not seen the door, it may be time to vary the formula. If a system is valid to beat and to be beaten, surely you have to give it a spin.


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