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Hercules disarms La Nucía in eight minutes (3-1)

Hercules - La Nucía, image of the match.

Hercules – La Nucía, image of the match.
Alex Dominguez

Hercules started the year as 2020 ended, with victory in the provincial derby against La Nucía (3-1) and a great demonstration of effectiveness to establish itself in the second place in subgroup 3 of Segunda B.

Eight dreamy minutes, from 30 to 38, the most vibrant of the season, put Hercules ahead just when La Nucía was playing the best. At that moment the red-and-white team was in command when Borja chased a ball down his left wing to the bottom line, took a great cross at Fornés’s near post, which he measured poorly, and Manu Garrido opened the blue-and-white account with the tip.

Cubillo’s team had the virtue of persistence and ambition. With the very high pressure of his two forwards, and four minutes later, Buenacasa put together a great play again from the left with a self-pass over Pajarero, who was injured in the action, and his assistance backwards was culminated by Borja Martínez with a definition exquisite when chipping the ball on the exit of Fornés for the 2-0.

The blue and white gale shook even more the whole of the Marina Baixa when Buenacasa discussed a ball in the front of the area to Lama – just entered by the central Pajarero – and in the dispute he scored 3-0 for the Cubillo team, which until now he had not scored three goals in any of the previous eight games. The Blue and Whites suddenly regained all the efficiency they had lacked in the first round. Four dangerous shots and three targets. Bingo!

Even Borja was able to delve even further into the wound when in the 40th minute, in another ball steal due to the advanced pressure, he stayed hand in hand with Fornés and the red goalkeeper avoided the fourth with a great intervention.

The 50 blue and white fans present in the stands rubbed their eyes for their goalscoring recital when La Nucía closed the gap at the edge of half-time at the exit of a corner thanks to a great right hand from the front of Mas, after Javi Pérez a shot from Kevin Toner would have saved on the line in the previous action. The both visitors did some justice to the good start of the game by La Nucía, which was overwhelmed in the last and exciting quarter of an hour of the first half.

The scoreboard did not move in the second half, and it was not due to the lack of opportunities, especially for the Blue and Whites. Hercules was dedicated to controlling the game with possession and narrowing the spaces to La Nucía with the lines close together. It was Ferrando’s team that regained control of the game, but lacked depth and punch. Those of the Marina Baixa dominated, but the chances were those of Cubillo: Manu Garrido finished off the post after “stealing Lama’s portfolio” again, and later Benja had two very clear options to expand the account in his first game of the season after overcoming his shoulder injury.

Well directed by the ex-Herculano Miñano, La Nucía tried until the end, with a free kick from Juan Antonio that brushed Falcón’s post, but the three points were already in the box of a Hercules, in which he caused a loss from the beginning the central Moses for muscular discomfort. Cubillo’s commitment to his praetorians, his regulars from the first round, was perfect for him to face the second round of the competition with much more moral and confidence.

The Hercules formed from start with: Falcón; Javi Pérez, Tano, Teo Quintero, Nani; Appin, Moyita, Jesús Alfaro, Borja Martínez; Manu Garrido and Buenacasa.

The starting eleven of La Nucía was made up of: Fornés; Prats, Pjarero, Kevin, José Mas; Damià, Tavares; Cabezas, Fofo, Miñano; and Agüero.

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