Tuesday, January 18

Hercules does not consider respecting the seniority of those who did not buy the Compromise card

Hercules understands that breaking that first clause would directly attack those who did financially support the project and they demonstrated, according to the sources consulted, their fidelity. They defend that they would incur an injustice. The more than 3,000 fans who processed the card that used the image of the Holy Face as a claim will be the only ones –If no one convinces those responsible for the club otherwise– to keep the membership number in the next season pass, whose promotion campaign is in an embryonic phase given that the competition calendar has not even been drawn, which starts the first weekend of September.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health has officially opened the door to all stadiums and basketball courts in the country so that the public can return en masse to sporting events, the uncertainty that weighs on the evolution of the pandemic today causes suspicion in the blue and white entity, which relies on the vaccination rhythm and the prophylactic measures applied by the council to have, at least, all sectors of the stands when it comes time to assign seats.

The most delicate frame

Hercules is, without a doubt, facing its most complex fan recruitment campaign in the last two decades. The rejection that has been germinating against the management model from a part of the fans, staged in a protest action in the street in which about 1,500 people participated, the fall to the fourth rung of Spanish football and the battered economic situation that leaves the epidemic in many families forces a very fine thread when setting the conditions of the new campaign in a context in which the proportional part of the subscription that could not be enjoyed due to the unilateral suspension of the league has not yet been returned after the entry into force of the alarm state. Most of those who requested the refund continue to wait for it to reach their checking accounts.

Those responsible for carrying out the season ticket campaign wait for the RFEF to draw the calendar


A solution – they argue that of “common sense” -, that Hercules raises to this particular problem is to deduct from the price of the new season pass the amount that is still owed to each fan. The blue and white entity enters the month of July with the hope that the recovery of an old-fashioned season ticket campaign means for obtaining resources, but also with the shadow of disenchantment due to the loss of category and the distancing with the property of a sector of the stands more faithful.

The disinterest created by the relegation and the discomfort on the part of the fans with the property complicate its implementation


The ceiling of subscribers in Segunda since 2014 is 7,000 subscribers. Nobody in the club sees it possible to even remotely approach that figure. Getting the incentives for acquiring the seats fully right seems essential to start the course in a field that lives up to the weight of its history.


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