Monday, June 27

Hercules explores the way of selling the property for 2 euros

The builder has taken the initiative and is willing to do something that seemed unfeasible less than 15 days ago: to sit down and negotiate with those responsible for the only real offer that the property has received that includes financial compensation. In this case, the direct transaction would be only 2 euros for 89% of the shares that are currently distributed by the Blue and White Foundation and the limited company Zassh Tecnológica, owned equally by the Ortiz family and Juan Carlos Ramírez.

Investors, who in the notarization of their proposal, on May 5, called themselves a “solvent group of partners and followers of Hercules” and, furthermore, recognized themselves as “settled in the province of Alicante”, would stay – in exchange for the pair of euros – with the majority shareholder, with the productive unit (exploitation of the brand, the emblems, the anthem …) and they would assume the public debt of the SAD (the one contracted with the Treasury, Social Security, Sum, Generalitat and City Council ».

Until last Wednesday, Ortiz had scorned any attempt to get closer to this supposed investment group As long as they do not appear formally and renounce their anonymity. Finally, you have agreed for the club to take the first step and contact the intermediary chosen by the hypothetical buyers to open a negotiation process that is not subject to an expiration date.

Always through telecommunications, Hercules requested on Wednesday to hold a face-to-face meeting with the members of the “solvent group”, which on Thursday refused to reveal the identity of its components … again. The next day, the club, through its representative, reiterated the desire to sit down and talk with those behind the offer of two euros (one for the Foundation and one for the commercial Zassh). Tomorrow, the second invitation is scheduled to be answered. The only way for Enrique Ortiz to consider the possibility of giving up the shareholding and financial control of Hercules is to meet those interested in taking over the institution to prove, first-hand, that its solvency is 100% real.

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Ortiz does not rule out Ramírez’s financial support despite his long silence

Enrique Ortiz does not give up Juan Carlos Ramírez, yet. The relationship between the former counselor of Elche and the constructor became official on June 5, 2014, after the convulsive departure of the ex-owner of Toyota in Alicante from the franjiverde executive, resolved in court.

The largest shareholder, who has yet to comment on Antoni Freixa’s proposal to direct the day-to-day running of Hercules next season, awaits a final conversation with his partner at the head of the entity for the last six years to find out if finally, Ramírez, closes the tap despite the fact that his shareholding package will grow even more on June 30.

The demonstration against the managers suspended

A “dozen” congregants. Sources from the National Police explained yesterday that the demonstration scheduled at 6.30 pm in Los Luceros against the management of Ortiz in the Hercules was suspended before starting the march. The superior in command of the security operation convinced the representatives of the “Ortiz Game Over” platform that the best thing, after gathering only “a dozen protesters”, was to cancel the act of protest.

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