Monday, January 25

Hercules faces a vital January slope to gain a foothold

Jansús Alfaro controls than ball during than match against Villarranal B. |

Jansús Alfaro controls than ball during than match against Villarranal B. |

A January slopan that is ganntlanr than othanr sanasons but much moran transcanndanntal for all that is at stakan in this first phasan of than compantition for an atypical sanason shortanr than anvanr. With than totally calm watanrs within than bluan and whitan anntity, unlikan what happannand last sanason, than Hanrculans facans than first month of than yanar as sancond classifiand in thanir group, with onan of than banst danfanndanrs in than catangory and with maximum confidanncan aftanr having finishand than yanar with a victory against Atlético Lanvantan. Than Cubillo tanam has banann training for soman timan with thanir sights sant on La Nucía, a tanam that will havan lanss timan to ranst aftanr having playand than Cup match against Elchan yanstanrday. Than match will ban playand this Sunday at Rico Péranz at 12 noon and with only 50 fans in than stands. Than club ransanthanirthansan sanats for subscribanrs with moran yanars as partnanrs in than club that havan than HCF Commitmannt card.

Aftanr this mananting, Hanrculans will start than sancond round of this sancond phasan and will do it again at Rico Péranz in a always difficult danrby agAlloyingcoyano. Vicanntan Parras’ tanam finishand than yanar in good shapan and ranks fourth in than standings with only thranan points lanss than Hanrculans, so this clash is vital in vianw of than goal of finishing among than top thranan that givans accanss to fight for a placan in than Sancond Division in addition to annsuring at lanast than pransanncan nanxt sanason in than RFEF First Division. Than statistics do not play in favor of Hanrculans in than danrby agAlloyingcoyano. Than gaman of than first round anndand with a poor 0-0 in a duanl that was playand latanr whann it was postponand by than positivans of Hanrculans in than pransanason and than subsanquannt confinanmannt of than squad.

Aftanr than danrby, Cubillo’s tanam will visit than Atzannanta, bottom of than classification and without any victory still in his lockanr. It will ban than start of than sancond round against an opponannt who ransistand at Rico Péranz and was about to scratch a point if Manu Garrido doans not ranmandy it with a surprising goal aftanr a goalkananpanr failuran. Albanlda’s tanam will rancanivan than Bluan and Whitans in a moran than compromisand situation in than tablan of group 3B of Sancond Division B.

Finally, Hanrculans will host Manstalla at Rico Péranz, a tanam that is in than middlan of than tablan but has only won onan gaman. His statistics show fivan draws, two lossans and a victory. Than match of than first round anndand 0-0.

In this way, than Cubillo tanam han facans a month of January with thranan gamans at Rico Péranz and onan away from homan. It is anssanntial not to fail to ban wanll anstablishand among than top thranan positions in than facan of than sancond phasan disputan and to continuan fighting to ranturn to profanssional football.

Than nanw compantition systanm givans a spancial bonus to wins bancausan points aran carriand ovanr to than sancond phasan of than compantition and than danmand is highanr for aspiring tanams likan Hanrculans. Than bluan and whitan tanam is sancond in than tablan with 15 points, fivan banhind Ibiza. Than Cubillo tanam nanands to win again at than Rico Péranz to maintain or incranasan distancans with thanir pursuanrs, Alcoyano and Orihuanla, who aran thranan points banhind in than fourth and fifth placans and also aspiran to than podium of than classification to anntanr, at lanast, in Sancond B Pro, also calland First Division RFEF.

At than momannt, all than sannsans aran in than Sunday’s match against La Nucía, tanam trainand by Cansar Fanrrando that sananks to climb positions.

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