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Hercules faces the decisive stretch of the League with doubts and three new faces

Alejandro Esteve, coach of Hercules, during his debut on Sunday at Rico Pérez.

Alejandro Esteve, coach of Hercules, during his debut on Sunday at Rico Pérez.

The winter market has stopped a cold sensation in the surroundings of the Hercules. The tranquility that had been generated with the good start to the competition has been altered by recent events, creating a climate of uncertainty that may increase if the Peña Deportiva is not beaten this Sunday. Everything pointed to the fact that for the first time in this long stage in the Second B the closing of the winter market was going to be something anecdotal after the great effort made this summer in sports planning by Carmelo del Pozo. But things have gone wrong. First with the unexpected dismissal of Cubillo and then with the election to the position of his assistant, Alejandro Esteve. His debut threw lights and shadows and we will have to wait for Sunday to dispel or increase doubts in this decisive stretch of the first phase of the competition in which the team is forced to be among the first three to enter the Second Pro and be able to fight for promotion to professional football.

Previously left the team Pablo Íñiguez, something that was within the foreseeable when not having had minutes this season. His relief was a matter of days and the Portuguese arrived Romain Correia, which occupies the affiliate’s file. Defense for defense. The next move came just a few hours after losing to Atzeneta with the addition of Alex Martinez, a left-back who arrives with the mission of competing for the position with Nani. His arrival meant the departure of Manny, who was not in the team’s plans and has barely had minutes.

The biggest surprise was the last move by Hercules on the last day of the market, the transfer of Pedro Torres to the Espanyol subsidiary. The youth squad’s departure has stung a large part of the fans, but the Catalan team’s offer was irrefutable for the youth squad, who asked to leave Hercules to take advantage of this opportunity. Darren Sidoel He closed his arrival at the blue and white team a few hours before the market closed.

Three exits and three entrances plus the change on the bench. More activity than expected in a winter market in which Hercules has always been active in Second B. In any case, nothing to do with the infinity of movements that the club had to make last year weeks before the pandemic stop everything. Six signings entered (Raúl Ruiz, Perone, De Lerma, Sergio Jiménez, Vergos and Olavide) while eight players left (Rulo, Samuel, Miranda, Borja Martínez, Alejandro Alfaro, Carlos Martínez, Olmedo and Alvarado). In spite of everything, the equipment continued not to work.

2019 it was a more peaceful year. The blue and white team only incorporated two footballers (Jesús Alfaro and Jona Mejía) during that month of January, but the financial effort was greater than in previous seasons.

The positive dynamics of the team, which linked 17 consecutive days on the rise and which began the course with four consecutive victories, was enough for the club’s top shareholders to take that step forward requested by the sports director, Javier Portillo, to further support the block. On the way, the Santa Polero José Fran and Carlos Fernández from Jaén left the Hercules.

In January of the year 2018, Portillo’s first solo in the sports management of Hercules, three people from Alicante arrived in Alicante (Paco Candela, José Fran and David Torres), but their contribution was of little value to reverse the course of a team that swallowed up three coaches and that he was even left out of the positions that gave access to play the Copa del Rey. Nor did he do much better in the previous season, a 16/17 in which Hercules was also left out of the promotion play-off and in whose winter market Lolo and Juan Delgado arrived. They did contribute, however, the January 15/16 Mainz signings, Javi Flores, Álvaro García and even Vivi. In the first attempt to leave Second B in this last stage, the canary David González also left a good memory, who arrived at the same time as Indiano and Quero.

With the market closed, Hercules focuses on the six remaining games of the first phase. Shrouded in doubts after three games without a win, he must achieve the three points against Peña Deportiva to avoid falling into a deep depression and see his third place in danger, something that would turn the season into a resounding failure. Maximum attention, therefore, to the duel this Sunday on artificial turf.

Moisés returns on Sunday and will take over from the sanctioned Tano Bonnín

Moisés will return to the team this Sunday after several weeks injured and will occupy the position of the suspended Tano, who saw the fifth yellow card against Mestalla at the Rico Pérez. In this way, the defense axis will occupy it Teo and Moses. The question will be whether Esteve will give Álex Martínez his first minutes or will he wait for him to roll more with his new teammates, since he has not played for a year. The new left-back joined training yesterday and should not take long to play his first minutes as a Blue and White to increase the competition. The Balearic team occupy the penultimate position of the table and have only scored three goals after 12 games, although their defense is solid and they have only conceded seven goals, one more than Hercules. Only the victory in Santa Eulalia is worth to redirect the situation, since the team has once again conceded goals, losing the defensive strength that was making it one of the best teams of the 102 teams in the Second Division. The meeting is key.

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