Saturday, October 23

Hercules wants to take a run in Alzira and settle at the top

Hercules, on a break from a training session in Fontcalent. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Aketxe and Mario Ortiz may have greater prominence than in the last game where they demonstrated their high level despite the fact that they had just come out of an injury. Now they are almost one hundred percent and ready to play from the beginning if Mora deems it appropriate. Sandro Toscano, who was one of the best in the last game, acknowledged that the training sessions are being carried out with “joy” after the good results. “We are very excited for the match to come and continue to show that we are Hercules and that every weekend we have to win,” said the blue and white midfielder, who is clear about the difficulty of the competition: “This is a league that is going It will be very complicated and the team you face will not matter, the rivals are going to make it very difficult for us and you have to do things well to win. The last game was complicated for us but we won with Elliot’s goal. We ended up very well turning to their area ». “We have a very complete team but always with our feet on the ground because we have many mistakes to correct,” he added.

Toscano does not give importance to the fact of winning the last two games in the last moments: “It doesn’t matter which minute you win, it’s very difficult for us to leave with the game resolved, that no longer exists.”

Regarding the Alzira, he affirms that they are “a very good team that knows how to use their weapons.”

Hercules coach Sergio Mora is clear that Alzira is going to demand a lot from his team, so he expects a very difficult game.

«We know what awaits us on Sunday, it will not be easy. It’s a opponent well positioned on the pitch, with vertical forwards and good players in all their lines, “warned the Madrid coach, who added that the idea of ​​Hercules is” to continue progressing and, if possible, adding victories. ”

The coach congratulated himself on be able to count on almost the entire staff for this match, although it was advanced that the desired return of Paraguayan Javier Acuña, who is recovering from a knee injury, will have to wait.

«You have to be calm and cautious. When he enters, he has to do it to stay, not to take two steps back, “said the coach, who pointed out that he is a “Blessed problem” having almost all the players available.

Mora reiterated that the objective of Hercules is “to be more complete day by day” and indicated that the team has the “requirement” to achieve a clean sheet.

“The players show me that they want more, that they are hungry and that they want to do something great,” explained Mora, who added that Hercules should also improve effectiveness because they cannot pretend to score a goal every seven times.

The coach said that he is satisfied by the recognition of the fans for the delivery of the team at this start of the League.

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