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From one glass box to the other,

look at yourself, isolate yourself, look at yourself: that was all ».

“Hopscotch” (1963), novel by Julio Cortázar.

Still under the effects of the semi-reclusion of these past supposedly holiday days, I note that we have already been in the long-awaited new year for a few days and everything remains the same, if not worse. And Ximo Puig warns us that it will get even worse, that we get ready. Don’t worry, president, we’ve already had a lot of training. So eager to leave the ominous 2020 behind for this. The light at the end of the tunnel was nothing more than an effect of the specular reflection of the Christmas lighting of Plaça de Baix in the waters of the Vinalopó, as the train passed through the span of the railway bridge. We may not even be close to the Carrús stop yet, in terms of the pandemic-rail analogy.

We have heard the pitiful tolls of Calendura announcing the new year to a bleakly empty and silent main square. And what about the visit of the Magi? We have seen the mayor receive them clandestinely, as if they were emissaries of the emeritus himself, to avoid unwanted crowds (for example: Valencia). It is even rumored in the usual generally well-informed circuits (Fakebook, Trolagram and Chistter) that in order to comply with sanitary measures and time and movement restrictions, Their Eastern Majesties had to subcontract to logistics companies and riders to deliver the gifts on time.

Which had dire consequences in certain cases, because the subcontracted and false self-employed delivery men were skull with so much package and some really got involved, mistaking gifts and recipients. Starting with the first authority, Carlos González, who according to the same apocryphal sources, asked the Kings for a treadmill at home, since due to work and the covid-19/20/21 measures, he cannot train whatever he wanted on the air. free, and instead received a copy of “The mental domain (Geopolitics of the mind)” by Pedro Baños. “Collinsa,” the mayor exclaimed moderately as soon as he noticed the change, “I must have sent the letter to Santa Claus,” and he went running down the side of the river with a (hair) band on his head.

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They say that another affected person turned out to be Pablo Ruz, who asked the Kings for the integral of Bach (the musician, not the one with the flowers) edited by Deutsche Grammophon (222 CDs and a devedé), and was disappointed when he opened the package and He found a mountain bike (yes, at least it was from the Mondraker brand from Elche). The shape and size of the package already made the popular leader and Chief of the Opposition suspicious, but he thought that the discs would be accompanied by a life-size cardboard figure of the exalted Baroque master (an element that, by the way, in the advertising jargon of In some Latin American countries it is known as a traffic buster. I will leave it there).

It is also commented on the nets (trawl, in this case) that another of those affected by the gift dance has been the person in charge of sustainable and healthy mobility, Esther Díez, who ended up receiving the walking belt from the mayor, when she had requested a Scalextric Advance with plug-in cars and a bike path to play with her daughter, who is already very old. The compromisaria spokesperson met precisely with her socialist counterpart and person in charge of public cleaning, Héctor Díez, in a shopping center when the mayor approached to exchange the gift, a move that she carried out not without some difficulty when transporting the mechanical belt in the basket of your bicycle.

Diez (H) confessed to his comrade in government that he had also received a wrong package. It turns out that he asked for a smart fitness superwatch, the kind that measures physical activity, heart rate and heart rate, also with a built-in stopwatch and alarm to precisely control the opposition’s interventions in plenary sessions. Instead, what came to him was a Playmobil recycling truck with a set of four containers, so he suspects that it is not a mistake, but rather a perverse maneuver by some member of the opposition at the expense of the new contract. cleaning. Will investigate. For his part, the mayor of Vox Juan Antonio Alberdi had requested a tie, and as he did not specify, he received one with the colors of Barça. But this was not attributable to the dealer, but to the lack of specificity in the proposal. You have already taken note.

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As far as it is known, the rest of the corporation did receive the expected gifts, although the non-attached councilor, Eduardo García-Ontiveros, has not yet been able to enjoy his (the Game of Thrones table edition). It happened that the delivery man had not updated the changes in the corporation and he left it in the office of his old group, Cs, and now his spokesperson, Eva Crisol, says that he will not give it to him until he stops behaving like Juan Sin Tierra and join the True Opposition. The mayor has announced a transactional amendment in the next plenary session to amend this new outrage by his old partner.

There will be hopefully optimistic people who tend to think that this year will go better because it cannot go worse, and perhaps they will be right. Others, recalcitrant pessimists (and some residents of the Jayton area), will continue to be installed in anxiety and melancholy, and they are not without reason, with so many changes and vital, social, professional and family transformations. But luckily there are things that in the midst of this tremendous cataclysm have remained unchanged, like lighthouses that guide us in the middle of a sea storm. There they continue, facing the middle of the municipal mandate, unalterable, immutable: the central market, the Arenales hotel and the facade of El Progreso, to mention three historical landmarks. It is always comforting to hear the mayor reiterate, one more year, that in 2021 all this and much more will be solved. These are words that amid so much uncertainty and confusion, transport us to a familiar, familiar place; They are like a balsamic lullaby.

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And, of course, some of the government team’s projects for this year are also recognizable, comforting and endearing. Like the arrival of the AVE, to demand the pending projects for the municipality from the central, regional and provincial governments; the expansion of the Business Park, public transport to the districts and, of course, that protocol with the Generalitat on the debt of the UMH land, which will also be signed this year, of course. Not all traditions are lost. We will not have sung Christmas carols or dined with relatives or even seen the Kings on their parade, but the government’s promises at the beginning of the year remain unchanged. As will also be maintained, with all certainty, the tradition on the part of the opposition to accuse the bipartisan of selling pyrolytic smoke and deceiving the deluded citizens with more false promises …

“ Listen, ” interrupts the mayor of money, Patricia Maciá, with her usual grace, “ the Monopoly I asked for has not yet arrived, and since the article is finishing and has not been said, I want to advise that as you take the partner who has kept it, the budget will soon run out this year …

There is the warning (and it is not to be taken as a joke). Let’s end with good news: in case there was concern in this regard in some sectors of the citizens of Elche and several districts, Carlos González has confirmed that the bipartisan government of Progress is in good health. What has not clarified is if they have confirmed it with a PCR or if they plan to vaccinate. Anyway: 2021, here we go!

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