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Here’s what the Lions could have gotten for Matthew Stafford instead of Jared Goff

Matthew Stafford’s actions only rival those of GameStop, apparently.

According to various reports, the Rams weren’t the only team interested in trading for the Rams’ new quarterback. In fact, there were six teams interested in trading for the veteran quarterback, offering formal trade packages up front, with some offering more immediate NFL draft compensation than Los Angeles offered (2022, 2023 picks from first round and 2021 third round).

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While Stafford was fined by Hollywood, that didn’t stop a group of teams from trying a deal for him while the window was open. According to SI’s Albert Breer, the Washington football team and the Carolina Panthers were hot after Stafford entered the weekend, and both teams offered their first-round pick for him. The Rams increased their offer, albeit with news in the future, to secure it.

Oh, there’s the Jared Goff element to this deal too: With Goff heading to Detroit, it seems like there weren’t many teams able to give up on replacing Stafford in the process. It all came down to the selections.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and Breer from Sports Illustrated, here is what other teams threw their hat in the ring


Perhaps the most intriguing rejection of the process, the Panthers offered the No. 8 overall pick in 2021 plus another draft pick to the Lions for Stafford. The No. 8 pick turned out to be the highest pick offered to the Lions for the quarterback.

On the surface, it makes a bit of sense: At No. 8, there’s no guarantee the Lions would have snagged one of the top three quarterbacks available in 2021 (Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields). On the other hand, there is also no guarantee who will be available in the future, and the place of those selections in the first round is unknown.


The Washington, DC soccer team also threw their hat in Stafford’s ring, offering the No. 19 overall pick plus a third round for Stafford. While relief in the draft is immediate, it is unknown who would be available to the Lions at No. 19 this year. Washington was one of the finalists for the deal, along with the Panthers and the winner Rams.


According to Albert Breer, the Broncos discussed a “pick swap” with the Lions, but it was clear they weren’t in the “neighborhood” of what the deal turned out to be.

The Broncos are picking No. 9 in the 2021 NFL Draft and the Lions picking No. 7, so a difference of two points and a subsequent pick was apparently not enough for the talks to move in a positive direction. .


The Patriots “checked in” at Stafford, packing up a player and a second-round pick to try and get it. Stafford was also not interested in wanting a trade to New England, according to Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, so this deal was dead upon arrival.

(Man, Stafford really must not like Matt Patricia.)


The 49ers were “tepid” with the idea of ​​trading Stafford at one point, and planned to return with the Lions after the weekend. But it was apparent that the cost was too high for San Francisco to play ball, and the team is supposedly fine with Jimmy Garoppolo moving forward.


The Colts put together a package of picks and some players, according to Breer, but never offered their first-round pick (No. 21 overall) for Stafford. The Colts are grappling with the retirement of Philip Rivers and don’t have an immediate response at quarterback.

Jets, Bears

Both the Bears and Jets “signed up” at Stafford, but the price was probably too high for their liking. With Sam Darnold facing major questions entering Year 4 and the Bears seemingly passing on Mitchell Trubisky, it’s no wonder both teams signed up at Stafford.


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