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Here’s what to expect from tomorrow’s Apple Peak Performance keynote

On Tuesday, March 8, it’s time for Apple’s presentation, and it seems that it will be something different from what we are used to. There will be surprises?

The Apple Company has prepared a keynote for tomorrowwhere it will unveil new products. There is contradictory information, and everything indicates that we will see completely new devices at Apple.

The presentation is called PeakPerformancewhich in Spain Apple has translated as performance in sight.

It seems, therefore, a keynote focused on products that offer good performance. It fits quite a lot to one of the novelties that sound the most for tomorrow: a cheap iPhone.

Indeed, the new iPhone SE 5G with 4.7-inch screen sounds like one of the star products that we will see in the presentation. A cheap iPhone with 5G connection for the masses who can’t afford conventional Apple models.

Would a compact iPhone thought to be carried comfortably in your pocket, which would maintain modern hardware, but cut back here and there to lower the price.

Apple introduced the previous iPhone SE models in the spring, so as not to step on the standard iPhones of August or September. And there have been many rumors in recent weeks.

It seems that the design will not be very revolutionary, keeping the frames of past generations, and the TouchID. It is expected to integrate Apple’s A15 processor inside. The storage versions would start from 64 GB, expandable to 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 12 white

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The novelty of this device would also be in connectivity. It will become the cheapest iPhone with a 5G connection.

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Although the term “cheap”, when talking about Apple, you have to take it with a grain of salt…

New MacBooks with the Apple M2 processor

Another product that has all the ballots to be presented tomorrow is the new Apple M2 processorthe new generation of Apple’s own SoCs.

The well-known industry mole Mark Gurman, who has been right on other occasions, confirms this:

A source in the developer world tells me that Apple has been testing multiple Macs with a new chip in recent weeks that includes an 8-core CPU (four efficiency cores and four high-performance cores) and 10 GPU cores. Those are exactly the specifications of the M2 chip that I detailed last year.Gurman explains.

Apple has been testing this new chip on machines running macOS 12.3 (which should be released in the next week or two and run on new Macs) and a future macOS 12.4, as well as macOS 13, which will be unveiled in June at WWDC 2022.″.

Therefore, everything indicates that tomorrow Apple will present the M2 processor with 8 CPU numbers (4 performance and 4 efficiency), and 10 GPU cores. It would need macOS 12.3 to work, although Apple’s real goal is to optimize it for macOS 13.

This M2 processor, an evolution of the current M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max, would be presented in new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models.

MacBook Pro 14” with M1 Pro

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iPad Air with A15

The Verge is also betting on the presentation of a new iPad Airupdated with the A15 processor, and 5G connection.

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It would be something similar to what he already did with the iPad Mini a few months ago.

New Mac Studio

Apple has not renewed the Mac Mini since 2010, but these days there have been rumors of a new Mac Mini with more power, closer to the Mac Pro, which would be called MacStudio.

Would a Mac Mini designed for professional designers, equipped with the Apple M2. More powerful than a laptop, but small enough to carry around.

Other rumored products are new monitors with 7K or 8K resolutionand new series and movies from Apple TV +. We don’t even talk about his augmented / virtual reality glasses, because they have been ringing for 2 or 3 years. Although one day they will have to teach them…

The Apple Peak Performance keynote will take place tomorrow, March 8 at 7:00 p.m., Spanish time. It can be followed through the website, and Apple TV. At we will tell you all the news live. We will wait for you!

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