Friday, October 22

Here’s what’s changing about life in Sweden this April

Sweden to lift distance education rule for upper secondary schools

Upper secondary schools switched to distance learning by default in December to slow the rapid spread of the coronavirus. This measure was expanded in January, but adapted so that schools would have a better chance of offering some face-to-face teaching.

From April 1 this will no longer be the rule at the national level. Instead, schools can open their doors to students over the age of 16, however, all schools have the possibility to offer distance learning if necessary due to a high spread of the infection in the school or in the area, or if necessary to reduce overcrowding in the school. or by public transport. That decision can be made by the school principals, and the regional infectious disease doctors must keep the schools up to date so that the decision is made based on the Covid-19 situation in the area.

Changes to travel rules from Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom

Strict entry bans were introduced on travel to Sweden from Denmark, Norway and the UK in December, and These will be raised from March 31.

Starting in April, travel from Denmark and Norway will be treated the same as other EU / EEA countries, meaning no “special reason” is required to travel, although travelers must still submit a Covid proof. -19 refusal upon arrival.

Travel from the UK will be treated in the same way as other third countries, so the entry ban remains in effect (the entry ban from third countries expired on March 31, but has now been extended until the end of May ), which means only travelers belonging to an exempt category can enter Sweden. The exemptions from the non-EU travel ban vary slightly from the above rules for the UK, for example spouses and partners of Swedish or EU / EEA residents and citizens will be exempt from the travel ban.

Another change to keep in mind is that people who cross the border to study will now receive the same treatment as cross-border workers, which means that they must submit a negative Covid-19 test less than a week old, not less than 48 hours.

Qualifications are possible from the fourth year in school.

Beginning April 1, schools have the option of introducing a formal grade starting in year 4 (generally for children ages 10-11); those who do will issue their first grades in the fall semester. At the moment, most schools begin to qualify from the sixth year (12-13 years).

At the national level, few schools have chosen to implement the change, with a SVT survey showing that none of the ten largest municipalities in Sweden reported introducing the change in municipal schools. The International English School (IES) was the only one of the five largest independent schools in Sweden that confirmed in the survey that it would introduce the grade in year 4. IES will introduce the change in all its 38 schools.

What will happen to local coronavirus restrictions?

At this time, Ten of Sweden’s 21 regions have stricter local measures against the coronavirus.. These vary from region to region, but generally include recommendations for wearing a mask on public transportation and in indoor environments with the potential for crowding at all times, and to avoid nonessential travel.

Several will currently expire sometime in April (in Västerbotten, Jämtland, Västmanland, Sörmland and Västra Götaland), but further measures may be expanded or introduced in other regions. National rules may also be adapted as the situation develops.

Higher bonus for zero emission vehicles

As of April 1, the ‘climate bonus’ on cars, small trucks and minibuses is changing, with the maximum bonus available for zero-emission vehicles increasing from 60,000 crowns to 70,000 crowns. For vehicles with emissions above zero, but still below 60 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, the maximum bonus will increase to around 45,000 crowns.

Tax filing season

The final deadline to submit your Swedish tax return is May 3, but for early risers who submitted theirs online before March 30 and didn’t need to make any changes, April 7-9 is when you will get your refund. .

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