Sunday, September 26

He’s got them on their knees! Fernando Tatis Jr. says “calm, son” to the LA Dodgers

Tatis punished the Dodgers throughout the series.

Harry How / Getty Images

Fernando Tatis Jr. returned for the most electrifying series of the year in MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres. And he appeared to put the Major Leagues ‘upside down’: has hit five home runs in the last three days. All before their greatest enemy, of course. They have all celebrated them as if it were the World Series. For him, this series represented a lot, and he is showing it. ‘El Niño’ is here.

In the fourth inning of the game this Sunday, the closing of the series, Tatis took her out through center field. Unusual display of power. Hit seven home runs, to match Ronald Acuña Jr. in the Major league home run lead. Unfortunately he did not find any companion on base.

Fernando Tatis Jr. became the first shortstop in baseball history to take him out of Dodger Stadium three days in a row. More story for ‘El Niño’.

As for what gives the game in terms of charisma, personality and quality, there is no doubt that he is currently one of the faces of baseball, perhaps the most notorious on a par with Acuña Jr. The children of the Caribbean have taken over the scene.

Freedom vs. Bauer: La polémica

Saturday, Fernando Tatis Jr. punished Trevor Bauer twice, one of the best pitchers on the entire circuit. After the last hit, he celebrated hard, even copying Bauer’s celebration to heat up the atmosphere. Until then, everything in order.

What happened after? A fan posted on Twitter a video in which ‘El Niño’ apparently turns to see the signs of the catcher just before the pitch in which he gives the home run to Bauer.

Bauer quoted him with the following response: “If you need to know so badly which pitch is coming to the plate, just ask Dad how good to win next time, Fernando. You know I’m not scared, friend“.

Trevor has been known lately for being one of the biggest talkers in all of baseball, and he sees that part of the game as critical to the growth of the product. So he agreed with the way Tatis celebrated each of his connections, but did not approve of what he saw in the video. This time, the native of San Pedro de Macoris returned it immediately.

“Easy, son,” Tatis said in response to Bauer’s tweet. Fernando Tatis Jr. is not scared either on the mound or off it. He’s ready to go to war and will surely want a postseason rematch as soon as this year.

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