Monday, June 27

HID Global acquires Vizinex RFID

HID Global, a provider of trusted identification solutions, announced that it has acquired Vizinex RFID. This acquisition strengthens HID Global’s presence and relevance in key vertical markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, and data centers, among others, and adds a foundational technology to HID Global’s RFID tag portfolio.

“The addition of Vizinex to the HID family solidifies our position in the RFID market, especially in North America,” said Björn Lidefelt, Executive Vice President and Head of HID Global. “This strategic acquisition reflects our commitment to expand our leadership in the RFID portfolio, offering a complete range of technologies and services to customers in different strategic markets.”

The acquisition solidifies HID Global’s status in the fast-growing RFID label market, as Vizinex RFID offers its customers high-quality standard and custom labels that help improve efficiency, save money and improve tracking, security and authentication. Vizinex is a company primarily experienced in offering custom-made RFID tags that are fully integrated and compatible with different product designs. Applications can be tailored to basic attributes such as shape, dimension, frequency, and environmental tolerance (tolerance, for example, to continuous exposure to extreme temperatures). The labels are subsequently manufactured in-house, on US soil, using state-of-the-art, recognized processes, with short delivery times.

“The acquisition of Vizinex is in perfect alignment with HID Global’s Identification Technologies division’s strategy of expanding product offerings, which with the addition of Vizinex will now also include an RFID product platform based on PCBA technology. Additionally, it will strengthen our presence in strategic vertical markets and expand our label production capacity to the US,” said Marc Bielmann, Senior Vice President and Director of Identification Technologies, HID Global. “This acquisition of HID, along with the recent addition of Omni-ID, expands our technology portfolio offerings and geographic reach as we continue to strengthen our position as the world leader in RFID tag design and manufacturing.” .

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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Vizinex RFID becomes part of HID Global’s Identification Technologies division, led by Marc Bielmann. Vizinex’s offering will merge with HID Global’s Smart Industrial Components business unit and leverage HID Global’s sales and other global functions to support its offering.

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