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“Hidden” camera caught British Health Secretary making out with alleged lover in his office

Former British Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned from office this weekend.

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The scandal over images of former British Health Minister Matt Hancock kissing an aide has brought possible government espionage and the lack of protections against leaking information in these offices to public discussion.

On Saturday, Hancock, who also served as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, He quit after the material came to light.

Apart from the fact that the Conservative Party member in the UK is married and that with the extramarital exchange he also violated government rules against COVID-19, what has attracted the most attention is the fact that a camera that Hancock was unaware of it was the one that captured the encounter.

In Westminster, the center of British politics, now it is investigated who located a camera in the office while Hancock had no idea of ​​its existence.

They request a review of security systems

Even the opposition Labor Party called for a review of security systems in government buildings.
“This is not about the hypocrisy of Matt Hancock being exposed, it is about the potential risk from the government’s lax focus on the security of its own buildings,” said Conor McGinn, shadow Minister of State for Security, as quoted by the CNN chain.

“The Government must urgently review all its key buildings, that the intelligence agencies free them from unauthorized surveillance and surveillance cameras, and address the speculation of a company with ties to China with access to the internal sanctuaries of the Whitehall area” he added.

Government officials told CNN that the fact that the camera was in the office of a senior cabinet minister would have been a mistake and not a conspiracy. Sources argued that the building was rented to a private owner and that the camera was supposed to be removed in 2017 when the government office was relocated.

Video shows making out with the alleged lover

Matt Hancock, 42, was caught on surveillance cameras hugging and kissing millionaire lobbyist Gina Coladangelo, 43, whom he hired as an unpaid consultant in March of last year. The politician even grabs Coladangelo’s butt.

The videotaped date is alleged to have occurred around 3 p.m. on May 6.

A whistleblower who used to work at the Health Department told The Sun that the couple had regular encounters.

“They have tried to keep it a secret, but everyone knows what happens inside a building like that,” said the source.

“I’m surprised that he was so brazen about it, since he was Secretary of State,” added the confidant.

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