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Highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL in salary, guaranteed money and total contract value

The list of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL changes often, and some notable moves in the rankings are here again.

Now that Dak Prescott has joined Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson for the best pay, with the Chiefs quarterback setting a new standard for professional sports contracts with his 10-year extension, the likes of Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen soon expect to be mentioned. with them near the top of the highest paying lists.

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But identifying the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL is an inexact science because there are multiple ways to organize them. For example, Watson makes the most money in terms of average annual salary after Mahomes, but Prescott just got more fully guaranteed dollars attached to his contract at signing.

Below are the 10 highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, arranged in four ways based on four different criteria: average annual salary, fully guaranteed money at signing, total guaranteed money, and total contract value. (Figures from NFL QB contract courtesy of About the cap Y Spotrac.)

The highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL

Rank Salary QB Team
1. $ 45 million Patrick Mahomes Bosses
two. $ 40 million Dak prescott Cowboys
3. $ 39 million Deshaun watson Jeans
Four. $ 35 million Russell wilson Seahawks
T5. $ 33.5 million Jared goff Lions
T5. $ 33.5 million Aaron Rodgers Packers
7. $ 33 million Kirk’s Cousins Vikings
8. $ 32 million Carson wentz Colts
9. $ 30 million Matt ryan Hawks
10. $ 29.5 million Ryan tannehill Titans

Prescott, who made a fully guaranteed $ 31.4 while playing franchise tag in 2020, now sits between Mahomes and Watson with his new four-year, $ 160 million deal.

Two of the quarterbacks on this list, the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks in the 2016 NFL Draft, were traded in the 2021 offseason, Goff of the Rams and Wentz of the Eagles. Cousins ​​got an extension last year, while Tannehill got his new contract when he re-signed in 2020.

  • Money fully guaranteed when signing
Rank Guaranteed when signing QB Team
1. $ 95 million Dak prescott Cowboys
two. $ 94.5 million Matt ryan Hawks
3. $ 78.7 million Aaron Rodgers Packers
Four. $ 73.7 million Deshaun watson Jeans
5. $ 70 million Russell wilson Seahawks
6 $ 66.47 million Carson wentz Colts
7. $ 63,082 million Patrick Mahomes Bosses
8. $ 62 million Ryan tannehill Titans
9. $ 60.5 million Matthew stafford Rams
10. $ 57.04 million Jared goff Lions

Prescott tops this list based on the team-friendly structure of his contract with the Cowboys. Ryan had a large number back then and is now very successful in compounding. Watson also went the shorter contract route like Prescott so that he could keep up with the market again in a few years, knowing he wasn’t ready to get Mahomes-like security for a decade.

Wentz and Goff join that other moving quarterback here in 2021, as Stafford was traded from the Lions. The Rodgers and Wilson agreements continue to hold in this area.

Rank Total guaranteed QB Team
1. $ 141.48 million Patrick Mahomes Bosses
two. $ 126 million Dak prescott Cowboys
3. $ 110.7 million Deshaun watson Jeans
Four. $ 110 million Jared goff Lions
5. $ 107.97 million Carson wentz Colts
6 $ 107 million Russell wilson Seahawks
7. $ 100 million Matt ryan Hawks
8. $ 98.7 million Aaron Rodgers Packers
9. $ 92 million Matthew stafford Rams
10. $ 91 million Ryan tannehill Titans

Mahomes’ contract is almost completely closed during the 10 years. Prescott and Watson also get a large percentage of the guaranteed money in connection with their four-year agreements. The Rams and Eagles invested good money in their guys, but only the Eagles will get relief from the Rams by replacing Goff with Stafford.

Rank Total value QB Team
1. $ 450 million Patrick Mahomes Bosses
two. $ 160 million Dak prescott Cowboys
3. $ 156 million Deshaun watson Jeans
Four. $ 150 million Matt ryan Hawks
5. $ 140 million Russell wilson Seahawks
6 $ 137.5 million Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers
7. $ 135 million Matthew stafford Rams
8T. $ 134 million Jared goff Lions
9T. $ 134 million Aaron Rodgers Packers
10. $ 128 million Carson wentz Colts

Once Mahomes got his unique and unprecedented deal, it didn’t make sense for Watson or Prescott to follow suit and stand his ground for several years. While Watson can now move into a better situation, Prescott can restructure again sooner to help the Cowobys with the limit.

Relative to Prescott, Watson and Wilson, Ryan, Garoppolo, Stafford and Goff seem to overpay, while Rodgers seems like a bargain overall relative to. It’s also insane how Tom Brady, fresh off his seventh ring, with his guaranteed two-year, $ 50 million contract from the Buccaneers, doesn’t break any of these lists now and neither will he with an upcoming extension. .

Tadd Haislop contributed to this article.

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