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Highland Park suspect charged, subpoena for Giuliani: 5 Things podcast

On today’s episode of the 5 Things podcast: Prosecutors charge Illinois shooting suspect

The death toll has risen to seven. Plus, Supreme Court correspondent John Fritze stops by to talk about the conservative legal movement that led to overturning Roe v. Wade, a special grand jury in Atlanta issues subpoenas for Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham, severe flooding continues in Australia and USA TODAY’s Rayna Song looks at how some workers are re-creating home environments at the office.

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Taylor Wilson:

Buenos dias. I’m Taylor Wilson and this is 5 Things you need to know Wednesday, the 6th of July, 2022. Today, charges and a rising death toll in Highland Park, plus tracing the Roe v. Wade reversed years in the past, and more.

Here are some of the top headlines:

  1. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has released emails that show President Joe Biden intended to nominate an anti-abortion Republican to a lifetime appointment as a federal judge in Kentucky. The White House has declined to comment.
  2. Doctors will have to amputate the leg of a Florida girl after a shark attack. The attack came as she was scalloping off a Gulf Coast beach.
  3. And a million Muslim pilgrims descended on Mecca today for the largest Hajj since the pandemic.

The death toll has risen to seven in the Highland Park, Illinois, 4th of July parade shooting.

[audio from the parade shooting]

In addition to those killed, more than 30 were injured in the attack. Authorities yesterday charged Bobby Crimo with seven counts of first degree murder after he allegedly opened fire. Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli, alleged the violence was pre-planned well in advance.

Christopher Covelli:

At this point in the investigation – and some of this is still preliminary, so is subject to change as we keep moving forward – but we do believe Crimo pre-planned this attack for several weeks.

Taylor Wilson:

The charged suspect bought five guns legally, despite authorities being called to his house twice in 2019 for threats of violence and suicide, according to police. A spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force said the suspect used a rifle similar to an AR-15 to shoot more than 70 rounds from the top of a commercial building during the parade.

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