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Highlights and goals: Boca Juniors 2-1 Atletico Tucuman in Liga Profesional | 08/28/2022

7:01 PM2 hours ago

end of match

Boca 2-1 Tucuman

6:57 PM2 hours ago


Yellow card for Nico Thaller.

6:56 PM2 hours ago


The VAR did not detect a possible foul on the Tucuman youth player.

6:55 PM2 hours ago


Foul reviewable in VAR, possible penalty by Zambrano on Maestro Puch.

6:53 PM2 hours ago


Tucuman substitution: Colonel in, Garay out.

6:52 PM2 hours ago


Yellow card for Langoni.

6:49 PM2 hours ago


Langoni’s goal, the Bombonera goes crazy with the goal of Boca’s youth player.

6:47 PM2 hours ago


Changes in Tucuman: Menendez and Maestro Puch in, Tesuri and Ruiz Rodriguez out.

6:45 PM2 hours ago


Yellow card for Pol Fernandez.

6:43 PM2 hours ago


Boca substitution: Molinas in, Pol Fernandez out.

6:41 PM3 hours ago


Boca goal, exquisite pass from Villa to Langoni for the equalizer.

6:39 PM3 hours ago


Tucuman substitution: Thaller in, Lotti out.

6:34 PM3 hours ago


Boca substitution: Langoni in, Romero out.

6:27 PM3 hours ago


Boca misses it, Benedetto’s shot hits the post and Vasquez sends it wide of the goal on the rebound.

6:20 PM3 hours ago


Boca substitution: Benedetto in, Ramírez out.

6:15 PM3 hours ago


Huge save by Lampe, the goalkeeper prevents the equalizer.

6:14 PM3 hours ago


Yellow card for Garay.

5:53 PM3 hours ago


Boca 0-1 Tucuman

5:53 PM3 hours ago


Yellow card for Zambrano.

5:52 PM3 hours ago


Tucumán is very good in defense, a 10-point game for Pusineri’s team.

5:48 PM3 hours ago


Rossi saves the second, good save by the goalkeeper against Rodriguez’s shot.

5:40 PM4 hours ago


Yellow card for Advincula.

5:31 PM4 hours ago


Corner kick for Boca.

5:26 PM4 hours ago


Dangerous free kick for Tucuman.

5:19 PM4 hours ago


Tucumán goal, Lotti scores the first goal of the afternoon.

5:18 PM4 hours ago


Fabra did everything, but Pol Fernández could not define it.

5:11 PM4 hours ago


The first few minutes were intense, with a fierce battle for control of the game.

5:02 PM4 hours ago

Start of the Match

Play is underground at the Bombonera.

4:42 PM5 hours ago

Lineup- Atletico Tucuman

This is Lucas Pusineri’s XI to face Boca. In goal, Carlos Lampe; in defense Martin Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matias Orihuela; in the middle Renzo Tesuri, Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta, Joaquin Pereyra; and in attack Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Augusto Lotti.

4:37 PM5 hours ago

Lineup- Boca Juniors

4:25 PM5 hours ago

Tucuman seeks to increase the difference against Gimnasia

The team from La Plata already played their game of the day, and tied it goalless against Sarmiento de Junin, with a victory of the Decano the difference would stretch to four points away.

4:21 PM5 hours ago

The visit to the Bombonera arrives

4:04 PM5 hours ago

Perfect weather at the Bombonera

3:52 PM5 hours ago

Start of coverage

We are already covering the duel between Boca vs Atletico Tucuman at La Bombonera stadium. In a few minutes we will share the line-ups.

12:13 AM21 hours ago

Stay tuned here to follow Boca Juniors vs Tucuman LIVE

12:08 AM21 hours ago

What time is the Boca Juniors vs Tucuman Professional League match?

This is the kick-off time for the Boca Juniors vs Tucuman match on August 28 in several countries:
Mexico: 4:00 p.m. CDMX
Argentina: 6:00 p.m.
Chile: 5:00 p.m.
Colombia: 4:00 p.m.
Peru: 4:00 p.m.
USA: 5:00 p.m. ET
Ecuador: 4:00 p.m. ET
Uruguay: 6:00 p.m.
Paraguay: 5:00 p.m.
Spain: 11:00 p.m.

12:03 AM21 hours ago

Where and how to watch Boca vs. tucuman live

If you want to watch Boca vs Tucumán in streaming you can watch it on ViX.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

11:48 PM21 hours ago

Probable formation- Tucuman

Pusineri would test this team to face Boca. In goal, former Boca player Carlos Lampe; in defense Martin Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matias Orihuela; in the middle Renzo Tesuri, Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta, Joaquin Pereyra; and in attack Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Cristian Menendez.

11:43 PM21 hours ago

Probable formation – Boca Juniors

Hugo Ibarra practically repeats the line-up that came from the 3-0 defeat against Patronato. In goal will be Agustin Rossi; the defense with Luis Advincula, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; in the midfield Pol Fernandez, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; and up front Oscar Romero, Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa.

11:38 PM a day ago

Pusineri with two novelties for the clash against Boca

11:33 PM a day ago

Darío Benedetto will not be a starter in Boca

11:28 PM a day ago

Tucuman wants to solidify its leadership

11:23 PM a day ago

Boca seeks to close an undefeated August

11:18 PM a day ago

Boca faces a demanding opponent at home

11:13 PM a day ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Boca Juniors vs Atlético Tucumán match of the Professional Soccer League. The match will take place at La Bombonera stadium, starting at 8:00 pm.

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