Thursday, May 26

Hikers saturate the mountains of the Marina Alta

Archive image of hikers near Cova Tallada

Archive image of hikers near Cova Tallada

Passion for the mountains in the Marina Alta. Hundreds of hikers in the province have chosen the peaks of this area to walk and breathe fresh air. This past weekend, the second free mobility in the Community but the first in which the weather was good, the trails were full of walkers. The influx to certain peaks was such that the Local Police of Poble Nou de Benitatxell had to close the Route of the Cliffs at noon on Sunday, a beautiful path that runs between the cove of Moraig to the one of Llebeig. A narrow path and in which it is very difficult to keep a safe distance if there are several people running along it at the same time.

The parade of hikers has also been seen in the Cova Tallada and the Montgó. Meanwhile, the roads in the interior of the region experienced a continuous bustle of cyclists and motorists on Sunday. It is fashionable to pedal and gas on the twisting roads that lead to the Vall d’Ebo, which wind through the villages of the Gallinera Valley or that go up to the Collao, in the Laguar Valley.

El Montgó Natural Park: Cabo de San Antonio

Now that the restrictions are relaxed there is a terrible desire not to stop. This has been the first weekend (the last one was dry and rainy) in which from Alicante and València he has headed to the Marina Alta.

Even in relatively remote enclaves, such as la la Penya Foradada, in the Vall de Gallinera, there were pressures on Sunday. You almost had to take a turn to have your photo taken in this natural stone arch. La Foradada has made a name for itself by solar alignment. But the stars are now lining up to also put her on the map of unstoppable hiking. The bars of the Vall de Gallinera (and, in general, all those in the interior of the Marina Alta) take advantage of the pull. On Sunday their terraces were full. Without a reservation it was impossible to find a table.

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Caught when he lit a bonfire in the middle of the Montgó park

The recklessness that “set off” all the alarms was carried out by a British hiker. He started lighting a bonfire in the Montgó natural park. The firefighters located him and put out the bonfire and the embers, the Civil Guard identified and denounced the hiker.

Xàbia dissolves a birthday in a chalet with 20 people

The penalties have been relatively low compared to the flood of visitors that the Marina Alta has received. Most comply with the norms for the prevention of covid-19. But there are always exceptions. In Xàbia, the local police dissolved a birthday party that was held in a chalet. 20 people participated. The agents denounced several young people, some even minors, whom they surprised when they made “bottle”. Meanwhile, the local police of Dénia has put 15 sanctions this weekend. The agents of both municipalities also do a lot of pedagogy.

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