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“His life has not been in vain”




The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has praised this Monday the contribution to the defense of peace of the Spaniards who fell in the operations of the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, making it clear that “His life has not been in vain”, informa Europa Press.

The act, held this year at the Army War School, was attended by about a hundred relatives of the 107 Spaniards who died in the act of service, 96 of them being military officers, two civil guards, two national policemen and two interpreters.

In the tribute to the deceased, the Defense Minister has asked “forgiveness” to the relatives who “could have felt a little abandoned or not feel affection” during the Spanish presence in the country. “The affection is there, the respect and above all the pride of being their buyers, of feeling Spanish as they felt,” he insisted.

Along these lines, Robles has made it clear that his work serves “as an incentive” for Spain and has sent a message to “the youngest”: “The path of life makes sense when you work for peace and think of others rather than oneself. There is nothing greater than that.

For the minister, the test of «Great country that is Spain» it is that “he is so generous” that he is “capable of giving to his best men to defend peace” in a distant country, which should make his relatives proud.

“An indelible mark”

“They have sown an indelible mark on their families, but as I said before an indelible mark not only here in Spain, but also in other contingents,” the minister concluded.

The most emotional moment of the tribute took place at the beginning, with the deposit of the crown on the monolith that remembered all the deceased. Individually, more than 60 family members have paraded with a white rose that they have placed under the small monument.

The last of them, the father of one of the fallen soldiers, has been helped by the Minister of Defense, who has accompanied the wheelchair to the monolith. There, Robles has taken the flower and placed it, closing the offering.

The minister helps lay flowers to one of the relatives of the deceased
The minister helps lay flowers to one of the relatives of the deceased – MINISDEF

The voice of the family members in the act was that of Aranzazu Magro, the widow of Captain Javier González – who died in a helicopter accident -, who reminded all the fallen that they had their work in common “By and for Spain”. They didn’t want to live any other way. We are proud of who they are, what they did and the enthusiasm they put forth, ”he assured in his speech.

After the representation of Ave Maria by Schubert, the act has concluded with the withdrawal of the force from the arena of the War School to the applause of all the family members.

The tribute takes place a month and a half after the last Spanish soldiers who remained in Afghanistan landed this Thursday at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base in Madrid. With this, Spain put an end to 19 years of mission in which more than 1,400 explosives deactivation missions have been carried out, traveled millions of kilometers and carried out advisory and training tasks for the country’s institutions.

During the last stage, Spanish participation has been decreasing until last year, as a result of the pandemic, non-essential personnel were withdrawn and the last 24 soldiers remained in Afghanistan, who returned last Thursday, May 13.

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