Sunday, November 29

“His problem is not the opposition, it is the crisis he has”




Pablo Casado He had planned to travel to El Hierro yesterday, to see first-hand the migration crisis and denounce the “irresponsibility” of the Government, but had to change plans on the fly due to a delay in the departure of the plane from Madrid. He chose to go to Gran Canaria and visit the port of Arguineguín, “Ground zero” of what he considers “the worst migration crisis in decades,” as he said upon arrival. The surprise came when the Government Delegation He prevented Casado from passing to the dock, without much explanation.

First thing in the morning, the president of the Canarian PP, Australia Navarro, contacted the Government Delegation to inform Casado of the change of route and his intention to go to the Arguineguín pier, where thousands of irregular immigrants have arrived in boats and cayucos in recent months. Throughout the morning, the Delegation contacted the PP to reply that it was not possible to access the opposition leader because for some time he has not been giving permits to visit the pier.

Casado appeared before the media at port entrance. There he was asked about the government’s ban, despite the fact that in other migratory crises he was able to access. Casado defended the work of the National Police, which “is following orders and is doing an extraordinary job.” “The decisions are made by the Government, which after having allowed several ministers to pass, considers that the leader of the opposition, who leads the party that presides over six autonomies, thousands of municipalities and thirteen councils, councils and councils cannot speak with the staff the Red Cross or other NGOs. There I leave it, “he denounced.

Urgent measures

Married warned that Sánchez’s problem “It is not the opposition, it is the migration crisis it has, the employment crisis, the health and institutional crisis.” The head of the opposition stressed that the PP has always wanted to be “a state party that helps the Government to get out of this quagmire, but he has chosen partners and prefers Podemos, Bildu and ERC.” “We will continue to demand a sensible and serious policy like the one we have come to say here today.”

Casado was resounding when it came to pointing out the person responsible for this migration crisis, for which he asked for urgent solutions: “That they stop demagoguery and give an immediate response because this crisis is unsustainable and the only person responsible is Pedro Sánchez.”

Accompanied by the Mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, and the president of the Canarian PP, the leader of the popular ones, assured that the migratory crisis that is being experienced in the Canary Islands, as the gateway to Spain, and therefore also to Europe, has its origin in the call effect that, in its trial, the Government of Sánchez inaugurated as soon as he came to power, “with a parade of ministers to receive the Aquarius”, and which continued with the appeal of papers for all by Podemos. In this way, the mafias ended up having the Atlantic route as their preferred destination.

«Sánchez cannot make the Canary Islands the Lampedusa o la Lesbos of Spain or that the islands are a migratory plug, to try to cover the incompetence and lack of leadership that the Prime Minister is having, “denounced Casado.

The president of the PP continued to point to the head of the Executive as the head of the anguished situation that exists in the Canary Islands in recent months and regretted that he is limited to sending ministers “who do nothing.” «Pedro Sánchez is absent. It is cowardice not to stand up in this crisis, “he said.

Among the solutions he proposed on this trip, he demanded that immediate repatriations, that the Immigration Law of 2000 be complied with, that serious international cooperation be increased and that more means and more resources be put into operation, because there are six ministries involved.

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