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“His words hurt me”: Messi attacks Laporta and confesses that he wants to return to Barcelona [Video]

Messi said he did everything possible to stay with Barcelona.


Lionel Messi, former FC Barcelona captain, considered in an interview with the newspaper Sport that “The words that the president said are out of place” (Joan Laporta) about that he came to think that the footballer would propose to play for free at the Barça club so as not to be forced to leave because of the LaLiga salary limit.

“Nobody asked me to play for free. They hurt me, because I think you don’t need to say thatIt’s like getting the ball off you and not assuming its consequences, or taking charge of things. This makes people think or generates a type of doubt that I don’t think I deserve it, ”argued Messi.

According to the Argentine footballer, he did “everything he could” to stay. “I was asked to cut my salary by 50% and I did it without any problem. We were in a position to help the club more. The desire, and my and my family’s desire was to stay in BarcelonaHe insisted.

In addition to his departure from Barça, these were the main issues on which Messi spoke at the interview:


“I always said that I would love to be able to help the club in what can be useful and can add and help the club to be well. I would love to be a technical secretary at some point. I don’t know if it will be at Barcelona or not. Or if it will be otherwise. If there is the possibility, I would like to contribute again in what I can, because it is the club that I love “.


“He has a great squad, he plays very well. I see them whenever I can. Important and very good guys appeared, such as Gavi. At the team level they are fine. With the return of Kun (Agüero) and (Ousmane) DembéléIf he returns well, they will be a great help to the team. He will always be there, because he is one of the best in the world ”.


“At a sporting level it seems that it has never just started, because I have a game with the national team every month. You have not just settled in that you must go again, and this makes things more difficult, but little by little I am entering the dynamics of the club because, beyond the fact that they are here for two months, I still There are not many games that I played ”.


“When I came here it was one of the main reasons. As I said in my farewell, Until the last moment I’m playing I’m going to try to keep winning things. When I made the decision to come to PSG it was one of the reasons for this, because they have a great squad. I wish to continue growing as a club and to win the Champions League, after so many years trying ”.


“I am very excited to do great things. We come from winning the Copa América after having searched for it for so long, from being so close for so long without being able to consecrate with the national team. After this, the illusion is great for what is to come. We are fine today. We still need to be one of the great candidates. We are not because there are better teams ”.


“If it comes, it would be extraordinary for what it would mean to win one more. The seventh would be a locurto. If not, nothing happens. I have already achieved one of my great goals (the America’s Cup). I’m very happy for what happened, and now That whatever has to happen”.

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