Friday, September 17

Hispanic arrested for shooting a teenager “for fun” in Connecticut

John Montero Delossantos.

Photo: Stamford Police Department / Courtesy

John Montero Delossantos became the second Hispanic arrested for the “random” shooting death of the 16 year old Marcus Hall teenager en Stamford (Connecticut), in September 2018.

Montero (21) was arrested on Tuesday and charged with murder and conspiracy in the murder of the high school student. His arrest came just days after Isaías Delacruz, also 21 years old, face a judge on those same charges, in addition to carrying a gun without permission.

Delacruz’s arraignment was briefly interrupted Friday when his mother stood up and started screaming that her son was innocent and tell him not to declare anything. “This was not supposed to happen to me,” the young man said at one point. He was excited and had to be calmed down by the sheriffs, reported News 12.

Court documents show that the police used surveillance footage, witness statements, anonymous leads, and ballistics evidence to build your case against both Hispanics

They say that the night of the murder, the two men they said publicly that they were going to Southwood Square to shoot. Montero’s arrest warrant indicates that there was a street dispute ongoing with individuals associated with the apartment complex where the crime later occurred.

Hall, who was a student at Westhill High School, He was shot several times, including in the head, and was seriously wounded for a few days before dying.

“We are pretty sure that it was not a specific target… that they were going to the area that night with the intention of shooting, but we don’t think they had a specific objective ”, reiterated Lieutenant Tom Scanlon.

Police reported that a witness told them that Montero had drawn a gun while out in public and bragged that it had been used to kill Hall. “There is nothing more tragic than this: two young men who go to an area and carry out such a heinous crime against a young victim like this,” Scanlon denounced.

Montero and Delacruz are being held with a $ 2.25 million bond. Hall’s death shook his school community. Mike Rinaldi, director of the secondary school where he attended, previously spoke about the emotional burden of the students and called for the violence to stop.

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