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Hispanic who received 110 years in jail was backed by more than 3 million signatures to ask that his sentence be changed

Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s office said they review each clemency request individually.

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Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, a young Hispanic man who received a 110-year prison sentence for causing an accident while driving a truck in Colorado that killed four people, he has received the support of more than 3 million people who have signed a petition to have his sentence changed.

After the 26-year-old man of Cuban origin received a rigorous sentence based on state laws, the signed petition demands that his sentence be commuted or that the state police can grant him a pardon, he reported. NBC News.

“He passed all the drug and alcohol tests that were given to him, including a chemical test. This accident was not intentional nor was it a criminal act on the part of the driver, ”the petition states.

The petition details that no one other than the trucking company should be held responsible for the accident, and indicates that Aguilera-Mederos did not do so with the intention of ending those four lives and that it was an incident, not a criminal act.

This request had his answer. Democratic Governor Jared Polis’s office contacted KSN and expressed: “We are aware of this issue, the Governor and his team review each clemency request individually“.

The Aguilera-Mederos case became known in 2019, when the young man who was 23 years old at the time had an apparent brake failure of the semi-trailer you were driving when driving on a downhill slope before colliding with several cars that were stopped by another accident, and then burst into flames.

Due, Doyle Harrison, 61; William Bailey, 67; Stanley Politano, 69, and Miguel Lamas Arellano, 24, died like because of the crash.

The arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office are based on the fact that Aguilera-Mederos acted recklessly and made a series of poor decisions that led to the fatal incident, including the failure to use a runaway truck ramp on the side of the road, “KUSA Denver reported during the trial.

In October the jury found the Hispanic man guilty of 27 counts, including four for vehicular manslaughter, six for assault in the first degree and 10 for attempted assault in the first degree.

Upon hearing her sentence, Aguilera-Mederos broke down in tears and gave a statement of remorse for the accident: “I assume responsibility, but it was not intentional (…) I would have preferred that God take me instead of them because this is not life“.

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