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Hispanics give up their crown in a cruel way in the European handball

  • The Spanish team had 30 seconds at 26-26 to win the final, but they rushed and Sweden took the gold with a penalty goal with time already up

Despite the setback, the smiles were already beginning to appear among the members of the Spanish handball team receiving this Sunday the silver medal on the podium of European in Budapest. The outcome of the final was cruel (27-26). The title slipped out of the hands of the Hispanics with a seven meter throw with time served having wasted the last possession to win the gold. The currency fell on the Swedish side, but the Spanish loot was not so much the metal as the confirmation that, in full generational change, the selection of jordi rivera remains a block of guarantees.

Spain He aspired to link his third consecutive European after those achieved in 2018 against his rival last night and in 2020 in Stockholm. That third crown would have equaled the legendary Sweden of the turn of the century, but the performance generation, led by the MVP of the tournament, Jim Gottfridsson, and the MVP of the final, the goalkeeper Andreas Palicka, defended his own legend and broke two decades of drought.

Bronze for Denmark

That crossing through the Swedish desert (like the consolation final, in which World champion Denmark defeated Olympic champion France) gives more value to silver from Spain. Four consecutive European finals Hispanics accumulate, who already attended this meeting in Slovakia and Hungary without Raúl Entrerríos, Viran Morros, Julen Aguinagalde, the injured Dujshebaev brothers… But those who were already in ‘the family’, as he calls it Gonzalo Perez de Vargas, and those who joined this tournament not only kept Spain in the elite, but also caressed for gold.

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Neither Sweden nor Spain managed to take off on the scoreboard throughout the final. No one was more than two goals ahead during the 60 minutes (12-13 at halftime). A great defense kept Sweden seven minutes without scoring, but Palicka also kept the Hispanics at bay.

The masterful passes by Joan Cañellas, clairvoyant to see the unchecks behind the Swedish defense, the solvency of Aleix Gomez and the match of Angel Fernandez and of a Ian Tarrafeta that did not seem to debut, they promoted a Spain that took little advantage of its superiorities.

heads or tails

Three minutes from the end, Spain looked two down, but goals from Adria Figueras and Cañellas, a save by Pérez de Vargas and a blockade by the defense left him with the score tied and the last possession. Hispanics had the golden ball and extra time was practically assured, but they managed it poorly.

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Cañellas launched quickly for fear of the passive being the object of an unreported fault, and committed the penalty at the last second. Nicholas Ekberg it did not fail. The Hispanics hung a silver that the Vallesan player, decisive to reach the final, received with more sadness than anyone.

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Sweden, 27 – Spain, 26

SWEDEN: palicka (1); Chrintz (1), Lagergren (1), Bergendahl (5), Carlsbogard (2), Gottfridsson (3) and Wanne (4) -initial team-, Thulin (ps), Darj (1), Ekberg (5, 4p) , Daniel Pettersson (2), Fredric Pettesson (-), Claar (2), Pellas (-), Persson (-) and Wallinius (-)

SPAIN: pens; Aleix Gómez (6, 4p), Maqueda (1), Sarmiento (-), Casado (1), Ángel Fernández (4) and Figueras (6) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Gurbindo (-), Peciña (-), Cañellas (1), Ariño (-), Gideón Guardiola (2), Tarrafeta (5), Sánchez-Migallón (-) and Odriozola (-).

Marker every 5 minutes: 0-2 2-1, 5-3, 6-6, 9-7, 11-10 and 12-13 (rest); 15-16, 18-18, 21-21, 23-22, 26-24 and 27-26 (final).

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