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Hispano Carranza Resigned as New York School Chancellor Crying Over COVID “Mourning,” But His New Company Made Millions in the Pandemic

He took office in 2018.

Photo: Mariela Lombard / El Diario NY

The California educational technology company that hired former school chancellor Richard Carranza profited from the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, obtaining millions of dollars from the Department of Education (DOE) under his management, as the records show.

IXL Learning, Inc., which named Carranza its head of global strategy and development, has received $ 3.3 million from the DOE in the last two years alone, he noted. New York Post.

The group of Silicon Valley has raised $ 2.1 million in funding from New York City taxpayers this school year. That nearly doubled the $ 1.2 million it earned the previous period, when the DOE expanded the remote instruction, according to records compiled by the city’s Comptroller’s office.

Now observers expect IXL’s earnings to grow with Carranza as a seller, originally from Arizona of Mexican parents. He “Brings to the table a lot of contacts and people who owe him favors” in New York, Houston and San Francisco, where he has run school districts, criticized Alina Adams, a Manhattan mother and writer who runs the portal NYC School Secrets: Parents Helping Parents.

“Some of the people in charge of deciding whether or not to buy IXL products will be the same people Carranza hired” being head of the public schools of NYC, the largest school district in the country.

Undoubtedly, Carranza’s new job as a top executive of a DOE supplier raises serious questions about conflicts of interest. According to New York City Laws, municipal employees cannot look for work, or even send a resume, discuss opportunities or interviews, with a company with which they are dealing as part of their work, highlights the Conflict of Interest Board (COIB).

Carranza announced his resignation on February 26, effective March 15, saying he needed time to mourn eleven loved ones lost to COVID-19. The IXL company announced its hiring in a press release dated April 1, less than three weeks after your last day as School Chancellor.

The company did not respond to questions about when did they start negotiating with Carranza. The DOE states that he “followed all the rules of disqualification and job search conflict while securing his job with IXL.”

Other rules prohibit former city employees who switch to the private sector from revealing or using “confidential information” for personal gainl. They cannot contact their old city agency on behalf of a new employer for one year. And they can “never” work on an issue, such as a contract, for a non-city employer if they worked on it for the NYC City Council.

DOE spokeswoman Danielle Filson said: “Former Chancellor Carranza has agreed to follow all conflict rules and will not engage with DOE or NYCDOE school officials on behalf of IXL for one year.”

The IXL company offers educational computer programs on math, language arts, arts, science, and social studies for grades K-12, and tools like Rosetta Stone, to teach foreign languages.

“I am a New Yorker, not by birth, but by choice. A New Yorker who has lost to 11 family and friends nearby because of COVID. And a New Yorker who frankly needs to take time to cry, “he said when announcing his resignation. “It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve as Chancellor,” added Carranza, who has also been Mariachi singer.

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