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Historical offer on the Mac Mini with M1: it is cheaper than ever with a discount of 80 euros

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Apple’s M1 processors have revolutionized the market in the last two years, and they are not limited to MacBooks but are also in the Mac Mini, a somewhat more affordable format.

If you want an Apple computer, with macOS and the new ARM processors introduced a couple of years ago, the most affordable option is the Mac Mini, which is also already reduced in price in several stores, especially Amazon.

Its original price was 799 euros, which is still costing in the physical Apple Store or in the brand’s online store, although other distributors have already gone further with the offers and sell it from 719 euros, which costs on Amazon.

It is a real bargain, and it is simply very difficult to find another more powerful computer for less money, since the M1 is a chip that has given excellent performance in all aspectsexecuting absolutely any macOS program at breakneck speed while reducing power consumption and temperature.

This Apple Mini PC has several versions, with Apple M1 processor. It’s perfect if you want to use macOS with a somewhat more affordable and compact computer.

In this case, the model that costs 719 euros is the one that comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage in SSD format, so fluidity is guaranteed, as well as updates to the operating system for the coming years.

It is still a Mini PC, which unlike a laptop requires several extra accessories, such as a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, whether they are official Apple ones or not, you can choose.

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That said, for power it has little to envy any other model, as we have been able to point out, in addition to other reasons that make it worthwhile, such as WiFi 6 that already comes among its features.

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Without a doubt, it is used for practically everything: to work, to edit video, to study and for much more, although since it does not have a dedicated graphics card and it is a PC with macOS, it is obviously not a PC for gaming, much less, since the amount of games for this OS is still limited.

That said, having ultra-high-speed WiFi 6 can handle Microsoft xCloud cloud gaming without much trouble, a window to play a catalog of dozens of top-tier titles on your Mac.

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