Monday, November 30

HLA, against “cheating”

ranking (wins)

ranking (wins)

This afternoon, starting at 6 p.m., HLA Alicante will once again defend the leadership of its group, this time against the team of former Lucentian coach Rubén Perelló, with whom he achieved his last promotion to the ACB, which ended up frustrated by bankruptcy and disappearance of the club after overwhelming Andorra on its court in the Principality. Pedro Rivero’s team, undefeated so far in 2020, arrives at the meeting at the Almansa municipal pavilion after defeating Levitec Huesca once again in a match in which, one more day, the team showed insurmountable defensively.

In addition, in that confrontation, five HLA players signed double figures. Jorge Bilbao, in frank progression, like Chumi Ortega, indefatigable, were the most outstanding with 25 and 21 PIR points respectively despite starting the match from the bench.

For its part, the La Mancha club is planted in the matches after having certified its second consecutive victory at the Girona Basketball court by 78-89, thereby establishing itself in fourth place in this group B. The Albaceteans had a Robert Harris outstanding, who contributed 23 points, and with point guard Josep Pérez, who accumulates 29 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists in the last two successes of his team.

The pulse between the two dominant bases of the competition, Justin Pitts and Pedro Llompart, both under Rivero’s command, is maintained at a statistical level. While the North American is the fourth highest scorer in the group with an average of 15.6 points, the Majorcan is the second most valued man in the League with almost 20 points per contest.

Part of the success of the Alicante team will depend on his success and on the defense over the Serbian forward Cvetinovic, who averages more than six baskets scored each day, a part of the success of the Alicante team will depend, unstoppable even before the beginning of the pandemic. The people of Alicante have linked 14 victories since the forced end of last year and the beginning of the current one.

The previous season, the duels between both teams did not offer discussion. HLA Alicante prevailed on both fields. The last game before the break for the quarantine that HLA Alicante played was precisely in Almansa, where Pedro Rivero’s men signed their ninth consecutive victory.

The Foundation once again crosses the path of José Luis González ‘Chuso’. The Alicante guard, trained at the Lucentum base, is celebrating his second season in Almansa, where, despite having played all the matches, he is not signing good numbers, with an average of 5 minutes on the pitch and just one point per day.

Forced to think

The HLA coach downplays the statements of his counterpart on the Almansa bench, who said, in the previous one, that his important match was not against the Foundation, but that of next week against Palma. Rivero is convinced that this afternoon “it will be a very tough game, which, as it always happens when we face them, will be decided in the end.”

The Lucentino coach hopes that his rival will set him “many traps.” «They are an experienced team, with a lot of skills. They play at a very high pace, with many defensive alternatives and they force you to think a lot, “he warns.

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