Wednesday, October 20

HLA Alicante is looking for your DNA


The irregularity of Zohore and many problems to play inside from the beginning

Despite the HLA’s spectacular initial streak, the inside game has never been the strength of the Alicante team except for the games in which Jorge Bilbao dominated with absolute authority under the hoops. The Basque pivot has been diluted while Jonas Zohore alternates good games with other very gray or directly he hardly enjoys minutes after a bad start to the game. It is undoubtedly one of the problems of the Lucent team, too much irregularity in the inside game, something that last season was covered with the presence of the longed-for Bamba Fall. The club chose not to reinforce the team taking into account that the goal of permanence had already been met, that the economy is not buoyant after a season without an audience and with the incorporation of Noah Allen, who little by little is finding his place in the team. Alejandro Galán always complies but is sometimes too lonely to carry the weight of the team’s inner game. The exterior success for much of the season “hid” the problems on the inside, but now the lack of points in the paint is more evident. Zohore alternates very good games with very bad ones, something that has always been the case since the season started.


Pitts no longer machine-gun his rivals and Llompart is not at the level of the beginning of the season

Before, when things went wrong, Justin Pitts would always show up to solve them. The American base no longer represents the same threat, although it is true that he can appear at any time because his quality is unquestionable, the same as Llompart, which always offers sparkles during games but does not act with the same freshness as in the best moments of the game. HLA. The almost 20 days that remain until the second phase of the competition begins can be very good for the team physically to regain good tone after a long slump.


Six defeats in eight games this year

The Lucentum has chained a prodigious streak in 2020 in which they only lost one match with a start of 2020 in which they have lost six of the eight matches played, including the one in the Cup final. The two extremes are abnormal, since last year’s winning streak is something exceptional and extraordinary that falls short of the norm and much less of what is required for a newly promoted club like Lucentum. But the high number of defeats harvested is not normal either. It is true that in many of the victories achieved at the beginning of the season the team’s game did not fall in love as before, but now it materializes in defeats with a bad taste in the mouth.


The Macedonian forward has not lived up to expectations

Lucentum is not usually wrong with their signings, but in the case of Gjuroski the bet has not gone well. There are already many games waiting for the Macedonian and his offensive contribution does not come anywhere. Quality is not lacking because he showed it in preseason, but in competition little or nothing has been seen of him. He is not the unbalancing player with scoring streaks in his hands who breaks games. Not at the moment, but there are still many games to show that Lucentum was not wrong with him. It is still necessary to get back on the right track.


The forward has become the greatest offensive reference

Unlike most, Edu Martínez is in good shape. He is right now the player who has the most threat on his wrists and his participation is increasing a lot. He unblocks the games with streaks from the triple and right now he is a key player despite enjoying much fewer minutes in the first part of the season.


It is still the unfinished business of the team

The HLA does not shine in the rebound this season, a basic aspect that helps explain a good part of the losses, especially in this important pothole that the team is going through and that began practically when entering the new year. Jorge Bilbao continues to be the best in this section followed by Chumi Ortega, the most regular of the team in almost all aspects.


The team is very aware of the emptiness in the stands of Ferrándiz

Lucentum is a team that has always been infected from the stands. The bad moments have always been overcome with the support of the fans, something that does not happen this season. The coldness of the stands has been transferred to the team, which needs as the oxygen that the public returns to feel covered by the fans again.


Unimportant match against Canoe and fighting to enter the play-offs for promotion to the ACB

HLA Alicante says goodbye this Sunday (18.30) to the first phase of the competition at the Canoe track. After that, the team will focus its senses on the second phase, a new league of ten teams with the intention of finishing in the top seven to play the play-offs for promotion to the ACB. He will play against tough opponents in the hope of having left behind the attitude and image of the last games.

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