Friday, October 15

HLA Alicante is reunited with its best version against Girona (74-62)

Zohore during the match at Ferrándiz

Zohore during the match at Ferrándiz

The HLA Alicante was reunited with his best basketball to add his 10th win of the season and cut the four-game losing streak. The people of Alicante gave a radical turn to the image they offered in Huesca. Just what Pedro Rivero asked for and that the team materialized with a huge game against Girona that ended up being stopped with a huge defense. It was the best match of Jonas Zohore (Rating 26) With the Lucentian shirt with a great job both in defense and attack. The pivot played a practically perfect match with a Pitts in its natural state, although teamwork stood out above any individuality. It was a fast-paced and intense game that the Lucent team left on track in the third quarter with a high-karat basketball, the one necessary to defeat a rival who came to Alicante in winning momentum. The last two rooms of the Lucentum were huge, especially its exemplary defense, the great hallmark of the team. Girona could only score 23 points in the second half.

The HLA jumped onto the floor of the Pedro Ferrándiz ready to give a knock on the table. The best face of Lucentum reappeared from the first play of the match in a frantic match against a high-quality Girona. Triple festival in an exciting first quarter that went a long way. After a start to the game dominated by Rivero’s team, Girona brought out its best version to endorse a 0-12 partial that forced the Lucentian coach to stop the game before the avalanche of Catalan play. Rivero’s words had an immediate effect on his players. Two consecutive three-pointers from an exceptional Justin Pitts put things in place and equalized on the scoreboard moments before Llompart attended Zohore in a masterly manner, which yesterday was at a very high level. With 20-20 he ended a very interesting and quality first quarter.

It was no less the second quarter, which had a frenetic pace with two teams more attentive to attacks than to defenses. Zohore started hard. Six consecutive points from the Dane gave Lucentum a plus under the basket. The match entered an incredible basket-swapping phase. Nobody failed. They were great quality minutes. Galán joins the party with several fundamental actions to keep up with the match, but above all, Pitts’ performance was vital, both in attack and defense against Sabat. To put the cherry on the fourth, a triple of Gjuroski on the horn served to get a good income at rest (44-39).

The third started the same as the previous one, with good actions from Zohore to put the HLA at 47-39. But Girona was not willing to consent to anything and endorsed a 0-5 that Llompart stops shortly before Sabat scored another triple. A match from power to power between the two teams, a great match with great equalization on the scoreboard.

HLA entered jam phase in attack although he made up for it thanks to the bonus in free throws and his defense, one of the great qualities of the team and which he recovered yesterday. A triple at last Edu Martinez gives Lucentum the maximum advantage and forces Girona to request a time-out (58-49). The Lucentinos began to put the victory on track with an 8-0 run that knocked out their rival.

Edu Martínez uncovered in the last quarter from the triple line to leave the game sentenced. Girona could not with the spectacular defense of an HLA wanting to remove the thorn of the latest results. The game was won, but Pedro Rivero’s players gave themselves up on every play and on every rebound. The Alicante team unhinged their rival in each attack. Tension in the last moments between Galán and coach Carles Marco, an anecdote in a game in which Lucentum reconciled with itself. Tenth win of the season.

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