Monday, October 25

Ho ho oh no! Santa Claus gets tangled in some light cables

(CNN) –– Instead of directing the traditional reindeer sleigh, this impersonator of Santa Claus (or Santa Claus) took to the skies in a kind of glider, similar to a hang glider, to spread some Christmas cheer … But he ended up entangled with cables of light.

The frustrated Santa Claus Kris Kringle was safely rescued the Sunday before Christmas. This, after spending an hour suspended above the ground in Rio Linda, a city in Sacramento County, California.

His mishap, festive as it may be, shows why people should perhaps leave the most magical elements of Christmas to the true jolly old man in red.

The Santa Claus told officials he was in the area handing out candy canes to local children. This was reported by the county fire captain, Christopher Vestal.

Without Santa’s reindeer, the man delivered his gifts on a recreational glider that the fire department described as a “hyperlight.” It uses a small motor and a “blower” for propulsion, while a large parachute catches the wind and keeps it flying, Vestal explained.

The department still does not know how Santa Claus ended up in this place. Recreational jets like yours don’t need to report their flight patterns, Vestal said.

But at one point during the flight, his unusual “sled” and his large ramp became entangled in power lines.

When fire crews and the Northern California Highway Patrol from Sacramento arrived, the craft was dangling on one side of power lines.

Despite the glider’s precarious position, Santa was not at risk of falling to the pavement below, Vestal explained. Precisely because he was wearing a seat belt.

“Without a doubt, the belt prevented him from getting injured and probably saved not only Santa’s life, but also Christmas,” he said.

A local utility company removed power to the lines before the fire team did the rescue.

Now Santa Claus talks to children virtually 1:43

With Metro Fire employees hanging from a large ladder, Santa Claus was safely lowered to the ground, an hour after the rescue team arrived.

This Santa Claus was not injured at any point during the entanglement or rescue, Vestal said.

Although the fire department regularly responds to small aircraft incidents at nearby airports, Vestal said this was its first Santa rescue.

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