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Hollande, at the trial for the Bataclan attacks: “The terrorists attacked us because of our way of life”


In his testimony as a witness, the former French president dismantles the thesis of the jihadists, who justify the 2015 attacks as retaliation for the bombings in Syria

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Former French President Franois Hollande arrives at the Paris court.EFE
  • France Salah Abdeslam declares in the trial for the Bataclan attacks that he is a “fighter of the Islamic State”
  • Attempt The mother of a Spaniard murdered in Bataclan confronts the accused: “Without arms you are nothing”

It has been unusual. And controversial. Even answered by some lawyers. But, finally, after a long debate, Franois Hollande has testified as a witness in the trial for the Islamist attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris in which 130 people died when he was President of the Republic.

Hollande has taken the stand at dismantle the terrorists thesis of the Islamic State that justified their savage attack on the Bataclan hall and various cafes such as retaliation for France’s bombings in Syria: “They attacked us for our way of life here, not because of our actions abroad. Not because of what we did but because of what we represented, an open society. “

“Democracy will always be stronger than barbarism,” concluded the former head of state in his first statement, which began with a memory for the victims of “that fatal night.” The former socialist president answers questions from the parties.

In the immense courtroom in Paris where the macro trial is taking place, today under even more drastic security measures than usual, Hollande speaks a few meters from Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the jihadist commandos that perpetrated one of the largest terrorist actions. in the West.

“Franois Hollande knew the risks he was taking attacking the Islamic State in Syria “declared this 32-year-old Frenchman when he was given the floor. He added that in the fact of attacking” civilians “in France,” there was nothing personal. “

In September he was even more explicit: “When Franois Hollande made the decision to attack the Islamic State, he knew very well that his decision carried risks. When the United States asked France to attack Iraq, Jacques Chirac refused to support it. He said it provoked hatred against France and bloody attacks. And that’s what happened. “

Abdeslam elaborated in court what the Bataclan terrorists said as they unloaded their firearms on those attending the evening. “It’s your president’s fault. You killed us there, we killed you here.” Two terrorists from the command, Fouet Mohamed Aggad and Ismael Omar Mostefa, made the hostages they had in the box sit in line to ask who they had voted for in the 2012 presidential elections.

“Make the same decisions”

Hollande has rejected the tit-for-tat thesis: “I’ll make the same decisions.” The researchers had already disassembled it previously. The first French bombings in Syria were at the end of September 2015. At that time, the kamikazes who attacked in Paris were recruited and trained. Furthermore, France had already suffered from the Hyper Hide, which took place in January 2015. Then there was another one against a church and the foiled assault by the passengers of the terrorist Thalys train from Brussels to Paris.

Hollande attended the friendly soccer match between the teams of France and Germany that night of November 13, 2015. When a kamikaze was set off outside the Stade de France, the president was evacuated. Before the special forces raided the Bataclan room, Hollande had already addressed the nation describing the situation as “a horror”. During the night he decreed a state of emergency throughout the national territory.

“I fully assume the decisions that were made that night. They were the appropriate ones,” the former president declared this afternoon. Hollande admitted that France had received threats but that his services did not have precise information: “We did not know where, when and how they were going to attack us”, he affirmed before the questions of the President of the Court, Jean Louis Pris.

“We knew there were operations in preparation” and that, Among the flow of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria were infiltrated terrorists, he added. Hollande admitted that there had been a specific threat against the Bataclan ward, where 90 of the 130 victims were massacred. But it was in 2009 and for anti-Semitic reasons. “I myself gave a rally in the Hall during a campaign and nobody said anything to me.”

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