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HOLY WEEK IN EXTREMADURA: Jesus of the Passion and the passage of the canopy of the Virgin are the stars of Holy Monday in Plasencia

Image of Holy Mary of the Rosary in her Greatest Pain. / today

The processional parade of the Brotherhood of the Passion will leave at nine o’clock at night from the brother temple of Santo Domingo

Antonio J Armero

The carvings of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Pasión and de María Santísima del Rosario en su Mayor Dolor star in the only procession on Holy Monday of Holy Week in Placentina, in charge of the Brotherhood of the Passion. Departing at nine o’clock at night from the church of San Vicente Ferrer (brotherhood temple of Santo Domingo), the parade will continue through the Plaza de San Nicolás, Calle Blanca, Plaza de la Catedral, Calle Santa Clara, Plaza de San Esteban, Plaza Mayor (lower part), Rúa Zapatería, Plaza de San Nicolás and pick up again at the brotherhood temple of Santo Domingo.

The house of the Brotherhood, on Coria street, hosted this Sunday the traditional floral exorno (decoration) of the images that will parade this Monday. An appointment that allows any citizen to donate carnations to the carving of Christ or the Virgin, who on their tour of the historic center of the city will show off those floral decorations that are one of the hallmarks of the procession this Holy Monday.

Precisely the Brotherhood of the Passion takes its images on this day and on Easter Sunday because they were the two in which there were no processions when it was constituted, in 1997, by the hand of a group of brothers from other brotherhoods who had the initiative to create a new one. It is the only one that does not belong to the Union of Penitential Brotherhoods, which brings together the other ten in the city.

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Carving of Our Father Jesus of the Passion. /


The passage of the pallium of María Santísima del Rosario in her Greatest Pain will wear a green skirt and bodice and a maroon mantle. She will not wear the side skirts, to help the costaleros, who will wear masks, in their task. Jesus of the Passion will go with a scarlet tunic and together with the secondary figures (Herod, a Sanhedrite and two Romans), who in 2019 did not parade because the Brotherhood decided to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first carving leaving the image of the Christ as the only one of the step. The sound accompaniment will be in charge of the Ciudad del Tormes Band and the Sagrada Cena Musical Group.

The two images have been in the brotherhood temple of Santo Domingo since last Sunday, April 3, when they were transferred there from the parish of San Miguel, the same day the brotherhood mass was celebrated.

The candle spans

Today’s procession will also have two sections of candles preceding each image, a novelty that the Passion introduced in 2018, and that allows the brothers to carry candles bought by them at two euros each, and that they can then stay as memory.

The appointment of this Holy Monday will open a week in which there will be eleven processions. On Holy Tuesday the Brotherhood of the Christ of the Column will leave, on Holy Wednesday the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene (Brotherhood of Silence), and on Holy Thursday three will do so: the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper first, then the Very Old , Franciscan and Venerable Brotherhood of Santa Vera Cruz and finally, the Venerable Third Sorrowful Order of the Cross. On Good Friday, again three: Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Good Death, Brotherhood of the Holy Way of the Cross and Brotherhood of the Holy Crucifix and Descent from the Cross.

On Holy Saturday it will be the turn of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Solitude and the Holy Sepulchre, and on Easter Sunday the Holy Week in Placentina will conclude with the procession of ‘El Encuentro’, in charge of the Brotherhood of the Passion, which by Therefore, it opens and closes the week as far as processions are concerned, after the program of these parades was inaugurated on Palm Sunday by the Brotherhood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, with the image of the same name, known popularly known as ‘La Borriquita’.

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