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Holy Week: Mérida will spray the ground with a chemical product to avoid the wax of the processions

Archive image of Nazarenes with candles in a procession in Mérida. / TODAY

The City Council estimates that more than fifteen thousand penitents will participate in the 18 penitence stations

Antonio Gilgado

The Local Police delegate, Marco Antonio Guijarro, has explained some details of the Easter device.

There will be 18 processions in eight days and will have 360 ​​agents in total. They will have the support of the four Civil Protection patrols.

The Holy Week Technical Committee met today in the Plenary Hall with the Holy Week delegates, Mercedes Carmona, and the Local Police, Marco Antonio Guijarro, together with the heads and members of the National Police, Civil Protection and the Board of Brotherhoods .

After two years without going out on the streets due to the pandemic, the City Council estimates that 15,000 brotherhoods will be mobilized between Nazarenes, penitents, costaleros, ladies in mantillas and other components of the nine brotherhoods of Mérida.

“From Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday there will be troops in all the processional parades being Good Friday, with the Via Crucis included, the day with the largest number of local police with a total of forty-five” has detailed Marco Anthony Guijarro.

As far as tourism is concerned, there will be a local and National Police presence in the areas with the highest influx of visitors, such as the Theater and the Roman Museum. Bowls and flower pots will also be removed from Plaza de España, Santa Eulalia and adjacent areas and it will be ensured that vehicles are not parked in these streets to guarantee the passage of processions. The sale of alcohol to minors and bottles will be monitored

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Technical security table this morning. /


Two members of Civil Protection will go in front of each processional parade and informative posters will be placed indicating the prohibition of parking in the affected streets.

The Local Police will make parking reservations on the streets with fences and signage for each route. As for the blue zone, parking spaces will be reserved and information will be provided about the prohibition of using these car parks on certain days. The Local Police will also proceed to the withdrawal of the watchmen that are in the routes of the processions.

official race

For her part, the Holy Week delegate, Mercedes Carmona, has announced that the official route is going to be sprayed with a special product, similar to the one used in cities such as Seville or Malaga, so that the wax that «a As romantic as it is these days, it causes slips and stains, especially on pavers.” To do this, municipal workers will spray, backpack in hand, with this product, the streets of the route.

He has announced that the installation of the Official Race is being finalized these days giving the final touches, likewise, he has indicated that the Parks and Gardens delegation has begun to place seasonal flowers in the city’s flower beds and that “from tomorrow and Friday, they will be dedicated to installing seasonal flowers on the supports of the streetlights in the Plaza de España and on Santa Eulalia street».

Also, workers from the Municipal Works Park are reinforcing the tiles of Santa Eulalia street for the transit of the Brotherhoods so that fundamentally, the costaleros do not have any problems.

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