Tuesday, September 26

Holy Week: Saeteros of Cáceres will be paid so that they do not go to other cities

Miriam Cantero will sing on Holy Wednesday to the Virgen de la Esperanza as she leaves the Plaza de San Juan. Tamara Alegre will do it a few hours later to the Black Christ in the Plaza de Santa María, Pedro Peralta will be at dawn in the Plaza de Santiago to give voice to the start of the Nazarene procession… For the first time Holy Week in Cáceres It will have a specific program detailing which archers will take part and in which parades they will do so.

Behind this initiative, called ‘Declamación saetera’, are the Flamencos de Verdá association, the José Mercé rock and the Ateneo de Cáceres. And the objective it pursues is to retain in the city the professional singers who, in recent years, have gone to other towns because they are paid to sing in processions. Here, until now, that was not done and the saetas that sounded in the parades arose spontaneously due to the devotion that a given cantaor felt for a step.

‘Declamación saetera’ attempts to mark a turning point in this trend, according to Perico de la Paula, organizer of the proposal. «For some time now, the vast majority of the saeteros of Extremadura have been contracted to lend their voices and saetas where they are required, enhancing the Holy Week of the locality visited with the declamation of their saetas but, in some way, tarnishing those of which they are followers by birth, tradition, devotion or fervor, since they cannot declaim in them, “he indicates.

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From Wednesday to Good Friday

Seven singers will participate in this program and will be paid for it. They are Miriam Cantero, Tamara Alegre, Juanjo Pitini, Zaira Gómez, Pedro and Jorge Peralta and Eugenio Cantero. His performances will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday in ten processions. In 2019 Jorge Peralta already sang for the Students under this formula.

The initiative also has the support of the Department of Culture of the City Council and the brotherhoods in whose processions these saeteros will sing.

Miriam Cantero will be in charge of opening the program. It will be on Holy Wednesday in the Plaza de San Juan to welcome the procession of Hope. That same day Tamara Alegre will intervene in the Plaza de Santa María at the exit of the Black Christ.

Alegre will also be in the Plaza de Santiago on Holy Thursday to act at the start of the procession of the Holy Supper. In the afternoon, Juanjo Pitini will sing for Vera Cruz from Doctor Durán square. And Zaira Gómez will be at night in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit to sing to the Humilladero brotherhood.

At dawn, Juanjo Pitini will perform for the brotherhood of Jesús Condenado in the Plaza de los Golfines and Pedro Peralta will be in Santiago to welcome the brotherhood of the Nazarene. And on Good Friday Jorge Peralta will sing for the brotherhood of the Expiration in the Plaza del Doctor Durán and from here he will also sing for Los Estudiantes. Finally, Eugenio Cantero will recite for the brotherhood of Soledad, also from the Plaza del Doctor Durán.


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