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Hombres G releases ‘Rowland’s Corner’, their new “home album”

The musical group Hombres G.

Pop rock band Men G has released his new album ‘Rowland’s Corner’. “It is a homemade album, made at David’s house, and when it was almost finished we went to a studio to finish the vocals and the brass. The anecdote is that, while we were confined we have taken the opportunity to record at home, because it was the only way. And we are very surprised because we love how the album sounds, it is a way that we like for the future, to make more albums like this “, revealed the guitarist of Hombres G, Daniel Mezquita, at the press conference of presentation.

For the lead singer of Hombres G, David Summers, this is a new album with “older and better built songs.” In turn, he added that on this album “no horny or funny songs“.” The reason is because we have so many of those and we keep playing them. I do not see it necessary or sincerely, I do not feel like writing lyrics of that court lately, “said Summers during his speech at the press conference this Friday, October 22.

“In these years we have been evolving and investigating in music. We always want to maintain our own style, and make the music that we want, we do not have any kind of modesty to enter the musical genres that we all like, and to work in any of them, as long as the song is beautiful, “explained the vocalist.

The album ‘Rowland’s Corner’ is made up of 14 songs. His first single, published on June 18, ‘Se me sal el corazón’ is a festive reggae with the Mexican artist Carlos Rivera placeholder image, and ‘Before You’ is his second single. The band has released their third single, ‘Rowland’s Corner’, along with the release of the self-titled album.

“Rowland’s Corner is a song that talks about ourselves when we were kids, and now that we are 50-something, we go back to Rowland and we realize that there is no one left to drink with, but the bar is still there and us here, all four the sameSummers explained.

In addition, the vocalist of Hombres G has indicated that for him “they are better songs” those they do now than those of 30 years ago, but he understands that his great classics have “a power and an emotional charge” that is very important because of what they mean and represent for people.

From parents to children

“Many times they ask us: Hey at concerts there are people of all ages. As if it were a rare thing, and that is what has to happen. You are not going to see Paul McCartney in a stadium full of people of 75 years, there are people of all generations. When some songs manage to remain in time and never grow old, and that parents pass it on to their children, I think it is the best thing that can happen to an artist, “said Summers.

In this sense, the vocalist has highlighted that they feel “very grateful” to his audience, because he is the one who has managed to have them there all his life. “They have never lost interest, but have passed it on to new generations,” he explained.

“Sometimes it is difficult for children to share tastes with their parents, because that happened in my generation, but now it is fantastic to see how families come to our concert and parents share the same musical tastes as children. That makes you stay in time, because you accumulate generations “, commented the guitarist of Hombres G, Rafael Muñoz.

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