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Homeowners trust that the housing law will die in Congress for lack of support

They say that if the law goes ahead it would cause a “transfer of investments.”

The Government’s draft housing bill takes weeks worrying the owners, but his public reaction is being restrained. “It will be an rsupply reduction available on the rental market and will limit investment to improve the current residential real estate park, “the Association of Rental Home Owners (Asval), chaired by former minister and former socialist mayor Joan Clos, has limited himself to warning this Tuesday in a brief note.

The reason is that large proprietary companies trust that the project does not become law. “We are cautious because we don’t want our investments to lose value. We are not making a lot of noise nor are we going to go to war against the Government like (the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez) Galán because it comes to us that in the end it will not be approved in Congress, and less in the second part of a legislature . The PSOE is dragging its feet, ERC considers it insufficient and the PNV will defend the right to property. But we are worried, because our decision centers abroad they do not understand the situation “, it is pointed out in the sector.

Sources of the same warn that the norm, if it goes ahead, would cause a “transfer of investments” to communities like Madrid and Galicia, who have refused to apply it, from others such as Catalonia or the Balearic Islands “Catalonia is a disaster in terms of housing”they argue.

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One of the controversial aspects is the reduction of the bonus of Personal income tax of 60 to 50% for those who reduce the rental price. “It’s a trap,” says Álex Marced, owner of an occupied flat in Terrassa of the one who pays the mortgage without charging anything for the property. “I already had the price adjusted to 600 euros per month and I can’t lower it any more. With this measure will benefit those who have rents at a off-market price and they can lower it. ”

It will also affect you that the law streamlines the procedures for avoid evictions at risk of exclusion. Alex took a mortgage on his ex-partner just before the financial crisis exploded. Since then he has rented the house, but in 2019 the family that lived there had financial problems and stopped paying. “I don’t want this family to stay on the streetOn the contrary, but since February we should have charged a compensation from the State that has not arrived“He explains.” He doesn’t want to rent the house for 2,000 euros, I just want to cover the mortgage I’m paying. With this they are ruining my life. ”


The sources consulted consider “unconstitutional” that large and small owners be treated differently in the draft, since they understand that the right to private property is arbitrarily violated. They also deny that large landlords distort the market, since they assure that although they have a few tens of thousands of homes each, it is a market of more than 2.9 million properties.

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In addition, they affirm that the measure, if it goes ahead, will prevent the creation in Spain of “a professional offer of rental housing as it exists in other countries, such as Germany or the Nordics, and therefore of the advantages that this has, such as avoiding payments in ‘b’ or having a sector willing to help the State when there are social problems. In the end, those who are going to suffer the most are those who supposedly want to protect. “The sources also assure that limiting rental prices is” a discrimination of rights against large landlords unique in Europe. ”

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