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Honda Civic e:HEV: only with hybrid version and three other new electrified models in 2023

The Honda Civic will only have an electrified version. This has been confirmed by the brand itself that has announced all the details of its eleventh generation. The compact will be launched this year but in 2023 it will be accompanied by three new electrified models, including a small fully electric B-SUV to accompany the Honda e.

Honda Civic e:HEV Specs

Honda Civic e:HEV

Body type.

Five-door compact.

Measurements and weight.

To be confirmed. It has only been made official that the wheelbase is 35mm longer than the current generation. Now 2,732mm.


To be confirmed.

Maximum power.

184 hp.

WLTP consumption.

Not approved. Honda promises not to exceed 110 gr/km of CO2, which would mean consumption below 5l/100 km.

Environmental badge.


Driving aids (ADAS).

Adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist. Lane keeping, blind spot sensor, cross traffic alert, emergency braking.


10.2-inch LCD screen for the instrument panel and 9-inch central touch screen. Wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 12 Bose speakers in option.

electric hybrid

Yes. 2.0-liter engine accompanied by two electric motors to deliver 184 horsepower.

Plug-in hybrid.




Price and launch.

Price to be confirmed. Launch in autumn 2022 for Europe.

Honda Civic e:HEV, only in hybrid format

Those looking for exclusively gasoline or diesel models will have less and less supply in Europe. The Honda Civic e:HEV It joins the models that electrify its entire range and will only be sold in a hybrid version in its eleventh generation. A decision that, without a doubt, is derived from the pressure that the European institutions are exerting to toughen future anti-pollution regulations.

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On an aesthetic level, the new Honda Civic e:HEV maintains lines and proportions very similar to those already known. It is true that, little by little, its forms have been softened and that it will opt for an image more similar to what was already seen in its sedan format.

The biggest change, of course, comes under the hood. The Honda Civic e:HEV will be available with only one engine 2.0 liter hybrid which is accompanied by a new 72-cell battery that delivers its power to two electric motors. At full capacity, the set can generate 184 horsepower. For a more careful performance, Eco, Normal, Sport modes and a last individual to the driver’s taste have been included.

Honda Civic Ehev Eu Version 2023 1600 0b

Inside, the Honda Civic e:HEV can be complemented with a 10.2-inch high-definition LCD screen for the instrument cluster. The infotainment system will be controlled from a nine-inch central touch screen that has been placed slightly higher for better control. The system will include wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps. The most advanced versions will have 12 Bose speakers to improve the experience on board.

Regarding ADAS aids to the driver and security systems, everything is included in the Honda Sensing. This package incorporates a front camera with a 100º viewing angle and improved systems for recognizing lines, signs or pedestrians, as well as motorcycles and bicycles. It will have adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assistance, lane keeping, emergency braking, blind spot sensor and cross traffic alert.

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Three other electrified models

In addition to the Honda Civic e:HEV, the compact will be accompanied by other three new electrified models in 2023, with versions of all kinds.

The model that has raised the most expectations is the e:Ny1 prototype, a fully electric B-SUV that will serve to complement a range that currently only includes the Honda e. From Honda they define it as “a magnificent option for those families looking for their first electric vehicle”, but no further details have yet been offered.

Electric and plug-in hybrids grow 66% in Europe and already represent one in five cars sold in 2021

Nor is anything known about another of the announced models, a new SUV for the hybrid C segment, of which no further details have been offered. In addition, the Honda CR-V range will be expanded with a plug-in hybrid versionof which mechanical or autonomy details have not been confirmed either.

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