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Honda NC750X, fun every day

Honda NC750X, fun every day

Honda NC750X, fun every day

The Honda NC750X It is one of the great novelties of the Japanese firm this year and one of the most important models of Honda Hondacommercially. The data does not lie. Since 2015, the NC750X has always been in the top 3 in its category. And in Europe within the top ten for motorcycles over 125cc. In Spain specifically, 50% of sales is the DCT version (Dual Clutch Transmission) while the A2 version represents 30% of its sales and 70% for the A license. Looking back, this popular model arrived in 2012 as NC700X, Next to the NC700S e Integra, models that were born in the midst of the crisis and as a practical and accessible concept. In 2014 it went up to 750 and in 2018 the Selectable Torque Control (traction control) and the A2 license version were introduced.

The twin-cylinder engine has been thoroughly revised to comply with the Euro5 emission standardearning almost 4 CV. The maximum power is now 58.6 hp and a torque of 69 Nm. In addition, the dynamism is more sporty since the red line is located in the 7.000 rpm, gaining almost 600 rpm over the previous model. Despite the increase in power, consumption remains at 28.3 kilometers per liter, which represents about 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers and provides an autonomy close to 400 kilometers (396 kms). The DCT version allows you to choose between different gear modes such as manual and automatic. And in automatic you can choose between three modes S and another D to adapt to each situation. Now the manual NC750X has a slipper clutch.

The NC750X It also has a new chassis with a redesigned front part and the weight of the frame is reduced by 1.8 kilos. The load capacity of the false tank (where the gas tank normally goes) gains one liter to offer 18 liters (you can save an integral case) and incorporate a USB-C power socket. The suspension travel, signed by Showa, is lowered to lower the center of gravity and also the seat height to 800mm. Behind it presents a system of rods for greater progressivity of the suspension. The weight is reduced by 6 kilos remaining in 214 kilos and 224 kilos the DCT version.

The design gains in aggressiveness with slimmer side covers and is also more compact. And obviously the redesign of the front plays a decisive role in the image it reflects. Also new LCD instrument panel and now it also incorporates information on average speed, battery charge, travel time and trip duration.

With the introduction of the electronic throttle, the driving modes (Sport, Standard, Rain and User) already known in other Honda models that act in power delivery, engine brake, traction control and DCT. It also has self-canceling indicators and premieres the emergency stop light With which the rear turn signals emit a few flashes in the event of sudden braking.

It is now available at official dealers in black, white, red and blue color. As accessories it has side cases, high screen, central stand, heated grips, fenders, and trunk, among others, also grouped in three different packs, which are cheaper than if the same accessories are purchased separately. The prices are from 8,250 euros for the manual version and 9,150 euros for the DCTIt is also available in version A2.

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