Wednesday, October 27

Honduras seizes about 1.4 tons of cocaine

A container loaded with bales of cocaine.

A container loaded with bales of cocaine.

The security forces of Honduras seized this Wednesday about 1,400 kilos of cocaine in an anti-drug operation in the country’s Caribbean and They arrested six Hondurans and a Colombian, alleged crew members of a vessel from Colombia, reported official sources.

The operation took place today “30 nautical miles south east of (the island of) Guanaja”, in the department of Islas de la Bahía, in the Caribbean, where elements of the Armed Forces and the Naval Force intercepted the boat, from name Kabu Payaska, the spokesman for the military institution, José Coello, told reporters.

The Honduran-flagged boat was inspected by a team of combat divers who found “so far 65 bales, (with) approximately 1,400 kilos of cocaine“, he pointed.

The authorities captured seven crew members of the boat, six of Honduran nationality and one Colombian, who will be placed under the orders of the judicial authorities, before whom they will be charged for drug trafficking, he added.

The detainees were identified as John Seco Lonzo, Allan Fernando Izaguirre, Ricardo Arturo Well, Jimmie Dane Johnson, Roger Quilani Hernández and José Donai Díaz, all Hondurans, and the Colombian Beddly Jaimw Rodríguez, according to the Public Ministry of Honduras.

Canine teams from the Military Police of Public Order, the Naval Force, the Merchant Marine Directorate, the Directorate for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime also participated in the operation.

The ship, the illicit substance and the seven apprehended were transferred to a naval base in Puerto Castilla, in the country’s Caribbean, said the spokesman for the Honduran Armed Forces.

The vessel was insured during an operation within the framework of the land, maritime and air shield that the Honduran authorities launched in 2014 to reduce the drug traffic from South America.

“Our maritime shield gives strong blow to drug trafficking. Congratulations to our Armed Forces, Naval Force and other national agencies of @MP_Honduras and allied countries for their operation at sea to intercept a ship in the Caribbean. Honduras, hostile land against drug trafficking, “said Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández on Twitter.

The maritime shield has the support of the United States through a coast guard in international waters adjacent to those of the Central American nation in the Caribbean, while the air is executed by Honduras unilaterally. Agents of the National Police, the Military Police of Public Order and other institutions develop the land shield.

The Honduran territory is one of those used for the passage of drugs that arrive from South America bound for U.S.

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