Sunday, November 27

Hopeful day for Spain


Updated at 7:17 p.m.

A hopeful day for the Spanish team at the 2022 Rolex Sail GP circuit event in Cadiz. And it is that Jordi Xammar’s team, despite incurring childish mistakes that will have to be ironed out over time, haggled like angels in the first and second race yesterday, leaving the third for an excess of confidence and, perhaps, of triumphalism.

In this circuit of F50 catamarans, the dumbest makes clocks and the ‘Cinderella’ of the fleet, Denmark, although it does not rise from seventh place, is capable of insisting on the departures to Australia or New Zealand.

Spain, all heart and little head, has to get used to entering the drawer much earlier. There are no excuses that there are last minute setbacks. The boat, when it goes out to the regatta field, has to be one hundred percent prepared to compete at the highest level. It happened to him in the first race, that 20 seconds from the start they had not entered the box, which made him start last, with France and Australia striving for first place.

In a good rush of adrenaline, Jordi Xamar’s men managed to gain three places in the first section, sailing like angels without any complexes and throwing all the meat on the grill. In the third mark passage they placed third on their own merits, although they benefited a little from the penalties of Great Britain and Australia.

The almost 14 knots of wind that blew in the regatta course in the Bay of Cadiz were being used very well by the Victoria, which made no mistakes. At the fourth buoy, she made the first Spanish mistake by letting the skate settle in the water, which caused her to lose a position in favor of the United States. She had to keep the fourth and they began to haggle with their heads to achieve it. New Zealand was imposed in the last section to France. Good Xammar, good.

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Clamorous second manga

The second round of the day was started, in which Spain greatly improved its start. She was not daunted and was fourth at the break mark, where Australia already devastated the fleet because they had not dribbled the first kilometer and were already ahead of the second, Great Britain, by more than 500 meters. The Victoria was placed third immediately, arguing with the English and the French. There were many stretches where they were astern of the Aussies looking very well for field roles. Winning were not going to win because Australia crushed without palliative, but Victoria did give a lot of hope of being able to be second. She was ahead of New Zealand and the United States and that is already considered a feat here, but in the fifth section Great Britain slipped in, perhaps due to overconfidence. I don’t know if the Spanish didn’t realize that they were rubbing shoulders with a Ben Ainsley. In the end, a third party put the effort of the crew in its place. Incredible!


In the last round, Victoria entered the box first with very good feelings because there was a moment when it seemed that they were competing to start first against Great Britain and Australia. She came out beautiful from the fleet, which she spoiled the Spanish team leaving them almost ‘fishing’ while everyone else left with speed. Eighth ahead of Switzerland was not a way to start, but it had to be fixed as it was. This third leg was a monologue from Great Britain, which did not give Australia an option at any time during the regatta. Those from Xammar managed to move up one place, to seventh, ahead of Denmark and behind Canada. Yesterday’s lesson was that you have to go out to the race course very focused from start to finish and think that there are three races to be played.

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