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Horneo renews its sponsorship with the Eón Alicante

Presentation moment

Presentation moment

Horneo Fresh renews its sponsorship with the Aeon Alicante and will continue as main sponsor in season 2021/22. Horneo confirms its commitment to Alicante handball and shows its commitment to the Eon project in the most exciting season for this sport in the city in recent decades. Horneo will sponsor the first team of Eón Alicante, its women’s team, its second team and the base teams. The club and Baking Fresh go hand in hand in this adventure of return Alicante handball to the elite and this will be the fifth season as the entity’s main sponsor.

The act of renewal of sponsorship by Horneo Fresh took place this morning at the company’s facilities with the presence of Mari Trini Sampere, financial director of Horneo, Antonio Navarro, commercial director of Horneo, and Jaime Cremades “Ñago”, general director of Eón Horneo Alicante.

The general director of Eón Alicante, Jaime Cremades “Ñago” thanked Horneo for their efforts and their involvement with the project, taking another step forward in this ambitious season: “The renewal of the agreement with Horneo is a satisfaction for the entire club because it continues as main official sponsor the brand that has accompanied us from the beginning in this adventure. His bet is brave and determined for Alicante handball and he drives us in our challenges. Being accompanied by Horneo for another season gives us peace of mind and the motivation we need to continue fighting to return Alicante handball to the top. We are very grateful for the support received ”.

For his part, Antonio Navarro, on behalf of Horneo Fresh, assured that the company maintains “a decided commitment” to Alicante handball: “This will be the fifth season that we sponsor the club and the collaboration has been growing as the team has progressed, surpassing categories and getting bigger and bigger. For Horneo it represents an important brand projection and recognition. We start from the bottom and we hope that the Eon fulfills its objectives and to be able to help you in all your challenges. As a company from Alicante, it would be a great joy to collaborate so that Alicante handball returns to the elite ”.

HORNEO FRESH, more than 20 years of experience

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