Saturday, December 4

Horror night with masks


Alicante takes to the streets to celebrate Halloween
Rafa Arjones

Draculae, zombies, witches and, of course, the characters of “The Squid Game” abounded among the costumes of the Halloween parties held last night in the province, including the outdoor terror catwalk organized by the Association of Merchants of Quintana and Adjacent in Alicante, in collaboration with the City Council, where many participants chose to combine their “scary” outfit with the anticovid mask . This Halloween is the first festive date, since the pandemic began, in which a large number of public participate, trying, according to the organization of the parade in Quintana, to maintain a safe distance to prevent infections

«It is being a total success, we did not expect so much public, there is enough, with a mask and trying to keep the distance “, assured Paqui Soler, president of the merchants association. They cut the street, with municipal permission, to facilitate the celebration without crowds and in just over an hour they sold out the candies and a thousand participations in the costume contest.

«People have been encouraged, and enter the shops, with a mask, and all terraces are full. There are so many children, which is what we wanted»He added. Halloween is not a party of great sales for merchants but it is a day of revitalization so that they get to know the businesses, some lifelong and others new openings, and help them in their recovery. After two very hard years due to the pandemic, in this area of ​​the center of Alicante, the majority of commercial establishments survive, according to the association. Almost all the premises are busy with economic activities and there is a new offer in restaurants.

In Navarro Rodrigo Square, in Benalúa, a children’s costume party was held yesterday; La Florida has already returned “The most terrifying route” of purchases from the hand of the United Merchants Association of Alicante. Today Saturday there will be Halloween activities in the Plaza de San Blas, from 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., and in La Montañeta, from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., days that will have anticovid security measures, and police surveillance. These initiatives aim, according to the Councilor for Commerce, Lidia López, «support the commercial and hospitality sector of the neighborhoods, promote consumption and create a flow of customers who can participate in the different entertainment activities, combining the recreational element with shopping ».

In anticipation of crowds on Halloween night, night patrols in the large municipalities of the province will increase by 50% within an extraordinary arrangement structured by the National Police and the Civil Guard in collaboration with the local police. This was agreed yesterday at a security meeting chaired by the Government delegate, Gloria Calero, in order to avoid altercations during the Todos los Santos bridge.

Calero highlighted the complexity of the Halloween device and advanced a reinforcement in the police devices to avoid the celebration of macro-bottles in big cities and in isolated areas. Likewise, the delegate appealed to responsibility, prudence and compliance with the rules.

The devices will address the prevention of crime, such as robberies and robberies with violence during holidays, and possible criminal manifestations that occur due to the celebration of parties or bottles during the weekend. During the celebration on the eve of the feast of All Saints there will generally be more police presence in large cities to avoid any incident.

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