Thursday, October 21

Hosbec considers Easter lost due to the lack of control of the coronavirus pandemic

A couple of tourists photographing themselves on the terrace of one of the few hotels open

The hotel management of the Costa Blanca has ended up accepting that, although there are still eight weeks left, for the first great holiday weekend of the year, the Easter, that this year falls on April 1, the period is practically lost. Hoteliers do not lose hope but, as he stressed this Wednesday Nuria Montes, Secretary General of Hosbec, with the lack of control of the pandemic in Spain in general, and in the Valencian Community in particular, it is very difficult to think that tourists will move in the next two months. “I wish the minister were right Reyes Maroto and there would be a normal Easter, but we see it very complicated. The figures of daily infections by covid They cannot make us optimistic, and the only thing left is to wait for the vaccines to work and, I repeat, I hope we are wrong. What is clear is that hotels are prepared to open at any time as soon as mobility improves and travel can be done safely.

However, hotels in the province and throughout Spain are reluctant to completely miss Easter, despite the lack of control of the pandemic, the few hopes given by the Generalitat and the self-restrictions of the airlines that They do not expect to regain some normality until April. The Cehat employer has asked, in this regard, the Government that, at least, streamline safe health corridors in the coming weeks between the autonomous communities. With 8 weeks to go before Easter, businessmen are confident that covid control can improve. The hoteliers, according to sources from the employers, are aware that it will not be the same, but they appeal for it to be accepted, for example, the antigen test as a valid test to travel through Spain.

At the moment, however, they admit that there is no movement of reservations for Easter. Yes for the summer, fall and even 2022. Alicante-Elche airport remains semi-stopped with just eight daily flights and some activity on weekends, but focused on the movement of foreign residents who have a second residence on the Costa Blanca.

The employers once again recalled that the sector is going through a “dramatic” situation in the third wave of covid, but insists that it has all possible protection measures and the necessary protocols to resume activity as soon as possible. Despite the difficult situation, the president of Cehat, Jorge Marichal, stresses that companies are ‘eager to get back to business as soon as possible adequate sanitary conditions are in place┬╗. From the Confederation they emphasize through a statement, that during all these months it has been shown that the protocols in the field of accommodation are working since “No wave has been caused by tourism and there have been no outbreaks attributable to any hotel facility.”

Along with the hope of the sector in the vaccination campaign, the hotel management also celebrates the initiative of the digital health passport as a key element so that you can travel safely. The employer points out that it was necessary to count with a unique worldwide certificate to guarantee safe mobility and applauds the position of the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, “which has made Spain a pioneer in applying for this passport.”

For its part, Exceltur, “Lobby” of which the main tourist companies in the country are part, among others the Alicante Balearia and Servigroup, and the World Tourism Organization, do not see the end of the crisis until the second half of 2022. The employer warns in a report that the lack of control of the covid pandemic will delay the tourist recovery, and a return to the situation of 2019, until at the earliest 2023, a date that 51% of businessmen consider. The most pessimistic (13%) stretch the final recovery to later years. All in all, Exceltur hopes that next summer the results of this year 2020 may rise a little, which has started catastrophic because Easter is lost due to the slowness of the vaccines. The businessmen have called on the Government to consider the personnel of the sector among the priority groups when it comes to vaccinations, given the strategic nature of tourism and hospitality for the Spanish economy.

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