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Hospital tension leads 10 communities to send sick to private

Ten autonomous communities now turn to private healthcare to refer patients given the collapse of public centers due to the increase in covid cases in this third wave of the pandemic.

Madrid, Valencian Community, Murcia, Navarra, Catalonia, Galicia and Extremadura They have chosen to send coronavirus patients to private hospitals while Euskadi, Castilla y León and Aragón refer only non-infected patients to the private sector.

Faced with this option, other communities do not contemplate resorting to private healthcare to reduce the pressure on the network of public hospitals. This is the case of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, the Canary Islands and La Rioja. Andalusia is prone to a public-private cooperation agreement but it has not yet joined the process and the Balearic Islands expect to sign an agreement in this regard in the coming days, according to data collected by EFE delegations in the autonomous communities.

Price to collaboration

In the Community of Madrid, 40 private clinics and hospitals are once again at the service of public health as already happened at the beginning of the pandemic.

To do this, the Ministry of Health has signed an order by which certain private health establishments and their staff remain available to face the pandemic until February 28, a period that may be extended.

The community has set prices. In the case of patients with coronavirus who are referred, the cost will be 734.25 euros per patient and day in ward and 2,084.89 in the case of occupying an ICU bed.

The Valencian Community has a resolution by which the means, resources, private health centers and establishments, and mutual insurance companies for accidents at work, are made available to the Valencian Health System.

The prices charged have been determined in accordance with the provisions of the Generalitat’s tax law.

They are 310.17 euros per patient per day for a non-surgical stay; and 341 with surgical intervention. A stay in isolation is 581.58 euros per patient per day; and in the ICU, 1,365.29 euros.

The Region of Murcia has referred 104 covid patients to subsidized centers throughout the month of January, by virtue of the agreement that the Murcian Health Service has established with these hospitals.

The fixed price per stay and day is 154.34 euros.

The Navarra’s provincial government has agreed with the private centers “flat rates” of 4,908 euros per patient in a ward bed and € 40,978 in an ICU bed, and in the case of centers without an ICU, between € 519 per day for the first ten days and € 209 from day 22, with € 232.94 per day if the stay is with rehabilitation.

In Catalonia, the admission of a covid patient to a private, concerted hospital or in a mutual insurance company for accidents at work, for more than 72 hours, with discharge or death, it costs the Catalan public health 6.050 euros, without a stay in the ICU, 1,050 euros more than the compensation established in April 2020.

These rates have been updated by the Government in the order of January 26 from the Department of Health.

In Extremadura, the Board is referring patients to a single private center, the Hospital Clínica Ribera Santa Justa, in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).

The remuneration for this activity ranges from 2,500 and 5,000 euros for hospital stays, depending on the time, while the attendance and stay in the ICU amounts to 43,400 euros.

The Galician Health Service (Sergas) maintains with the Association of Private Hospitals (Ahosgal) the usual concert rates. There are no specific ones for covid patients.

The average is 102 euros for hospitalization on the floor and 304.5 euros in ICU.

Basque Country and Aragon do not derive

The The Basque Country has opted for a contingency plan that contemplates referring patients not infected by covid to private centers to serve people who do have it on the public network. Despite the increase in cases, the Basque Department of Health has not had to resort to these referrals, the cost of which has not been reported.

Nor does Aragón contemplate making use of private healthcare to attend cases of coronavirus although it has been used for other types of programmed interventions.

Private centers treat covid patients when it comes to insured persons. Of the 788 people hospitalized in Aragon, there are 50 in private centers.

Castilla y León maintains a surgical activity of 32.14 percent and 54 operating rooms, that rises to 38.09 percent with 10 private operating rooms.

Andalusia and the Balearic Islands, waiting

Baleares prevand announce an agreement in the coming days To refer patients to private clinics and in Andalusia, the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, already raised on January 27 his intention to unify public-private resources.

However, seven days later, the Ministry of Health is not aware that any patient has been referred to private hospitals or has given the price they will pay.

Other communities, such as Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria, the Canary Islands or La Rioja, do not consider using private healthcare and they resolve the situation with their public network.

Asturias, with a cushion of eight public hospitals, does not expect to need a private one.

In addition, the Principality has associated centers and specific devices such as the one set up at the Gijón trade fair, in which 72 of the 144 beds are occupied.

Castilla-La Mancha also does not foresee resorting to the private sector and beds have been installed in pavilions and field hospitals.

In La Rioja, the adaptability of the San Pedro hospital in Logroño is allowing assistance to all patients hospitalized for covid.

The Riojan government does not contemplate, at this time, going to the private sector.

Cantabria does not value it either, which it has in the Valdecilla hospital, in Santander, a new pavilion for patients with covid. This new facility represents 18 more ICU beds, which now has 60.

And in the Canary Islands no one has been referred to private. The autonomous government maintains that as long as public health has the capacity to respond, and at this time it does, private health will not be used.

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